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DPR2602 Communication Theory in Public Relations Research Assessment Answers

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In your own words explain what is the purpose of a theory in public relations?      (5)



Cyber 5G, is one of the biggest cellphone manufactures and has recently launched a new smartphone. The new smartphone comes with state-of-the-art technological features currently not available to existing smartphones.

Using the diffusion of innovation theory, explain the process Cyber 5G customers will go through in adopting the new smartphone. Your answer should refer to the five stages of adopting innovation according to the diffusion of innovation theory.             (10)



Read the following article in the provided link and answer the questions that follow: centenary-celebration

In the above news article identify and motivate the five components of communication according to the Shannon and Weaver model. Your answer should refer to the news articles when explaining the five components.        (10)



Click on the following link provided and answer the questions that follow:

According to the systems theory any system consists of many sub-systems within the broader system.

Question 4.1

If we consider the organisation mentioned in the link as the broader system, identify any three sub-systems of the organisation and motivate why you consider them as sub- systems. In your answer refer to the mentioned organisation.                (6)

Question 4.2

Explain the role or purpose of public relations when an organisation is referred to as a system by the systems theory. (4)



You are a public relations practitioner of a local non-profit organisation. The non-profit organisation intends to carry out a public relations campaign on the dangers of gangsterism among youth.

Using the four steps of the process approach to public relations, explain how you will plan and carry out the above mentioned campaign. Explain each and every step of the process and in your answer refer to the scenario provided.    (10)



Question 6.1

In your own words explain what you understand by the term ethics                          (5)

Question 6.2

Read the following links provided and answer the questions that follow: (Code of Ethics)

Discuss any four codes of ethics (see Code of Ethics) which were violated by the organisation mentioned in the news article. Your answer must give reference to the news article provided in the link above.                      (10)


Total marks            [60]



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