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Fitbit Case Analysis Instructions – to be completed by individual students (not a team case)

FITBIT, INC. case study analysis for a Business Policy course

Fitbit Case Analysis Instructions – to be completed by individual students (not a team case)

OVERVIEW: This is not a team case.  This case addresses a company and industry segment that has evolved from the emergent to growth stage in the last few years.  The number of competitors has already increased, changing the competitive intensity.  Because of the nature of the industry, and the structure of the businesses involved, the approach to analysis will be a bit different from the first two cases.  The most significant differences are as follows: Expanded Strategy section; shorter more succinct reviews of the Macro Environment, Five Forces, and Resources/Capabilities.  There will be no Driving Forces Analysis, with heavier emphasis on Key Success Factors and Recommendations.


Single Space, Times New Roman, 11 or 12point font)

  1. Strategy & Key Strategic Moves: Identify the type of strategy employed by Fitbit, referencing appropriate descriptions from the text. Then answer the following: Identify the advantages Fitbit realized by being the first mover. Identify the issues/opportunities associated with the single type of product strategy.   What key moves did Fitbit make to be successful?  What issues and opportunities has Fitbit faced in the last few years. (approximately 1  page
  2. Macro-Environment: Address only the most important elements of the Macro Environment. This should include at least the Socio-Cultural and Technological elements.  (approximately ½ page)
  3. Assess Sales and Market Share Information: Address increases in sales dollars and market share for Fitbit and all competitors. Which competitors are growing faster, which slower?   What does this mean for future growth of the total sales opportunity for companies in this business?  What does it mean for Fitbit and its key competitors – who is winning, losing or holding their own? (approximately ½ page)
  4. Five Forces Model: Analyze Rivalry, New Entrants and Substitutes, focusing only on the most relevant factors for these three forces forces (no need to analyze factors with little impact on competitiveness of the industry). Your conclusion should address first the competitiveness of the industry segment, then the potential opportunities and threats that Fitbit may be facing.  (approximately 1 ½ page)
  5. Financial Analysis: Using the info in the text, evaluate whether or not Fitbit is stronger or weaker financially in 2015 versus 2014. Use specific information from the text and evaluate each key ratio of figure, then provide a summary. (about ½ page)
  6. Resources & Capabilities: There is not enough information in the case to complete a full value chain analysis. Focus on the key areas, including at least technology/R&D, Market Share/Market power/Brand Strength, Quality Management, Executive Leadership, Financial Strength.  Identify which reflect competitive advantage, competitive parity or competitive disadvantage.  Summarize your view of Fitbit’s Resources/Capabilities compared to key competitors and any opportunities or threats you might consider.  (approximately 1 page)
  7. Key Success Factors: Address 3-5 KSFs for Fitbit. What are the areas they must evaluate further and take action?  (approximately 1 page)
  8. Recommendations: Make 2 strong recommendations for Fitbit to respond to the situation they are facing. Approximately 2/3 page)

Words: 3000


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