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Get Answers for Creativity and Innovation (CRI) – Assignment Questions

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You are a Development Manager of a Business Consultant company that is growing rapidly and an innovative leader in providing solutions on consumer products.  The company plans to introduce a new solution and to sustain the client competitive position in the market. As such, you are assigned by the company’s CEO to come up with a new solution offering and present a proposal of the new solution concept that will appeal to the market. Your proposed ideation concept needs to be realistic and marketable within five (5) years.

‘COMPANY IS:  DJI Phantom Drone

Problem is: The Drones & the Bees

Climate change is a massive problem for human beings that, perhaps, hasn’t been fully realized yet — but it’s no secret that we’re on an extremely destructive path.

“If climate change continues to worsen, food shortages could drive prices higher even in more developed countries like the U.S., leading to a public health crisis in the form of global food shortages and waves of hunger,” write the experts at the University of Reno, Nevada in their blog. “As such, public health officials should turn their attention to exploring efforts to shore up food reserves and alternative forms of agriculture.”

One of the problems that it seems everybody is familiar with is the problem of disappearing bees — Time magazine claims that there are more than 700 species of North American Bee that headed toward extinction. This could spell disaster, as bees “play an important economic role as pollinators helping sustain agricultural production,” they write. “In the United States, that value reaches billions of dollars annually, according to a 2015 White House report.”

Fortunately, drones are now being used in experiments to, hopefully, supplement the pollination efforts that bees have traditionally completed.

“The Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard in Lafayette has become the first apple orchard in the world to pollinate its trees using a drone, according to the start-up company that developed the technology,” writes Rick Moriarty with

pollination aside, there are plenty of ways that that agriculture could utilize drones, including aerial drone photography for a quick look at fields, automated crop harvest, and even as delivery drones in the future. This will be further compounded by a further rise in automation, A.I., and the IoT.


A).  Problem Statement

  • Your problem analysis needs to be related to your objective statement
  • Important Note: Your problem analysis will later be referred to in your idea generation


B).  Competitor Analysis

  • Compare and contrast two (2) products of any two (2) direct competitors (table form)
  • Include the following:
  • Opening (overall summary of competitors’ profile)
  1. Common attributes
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Limitation
  4. Technology

C).  Objective Statement

  • One sentence to indicate the general scope of your creative focus.

PART 2: IDEA GENERATION – Choose any two techniques)

  1. Attribute listing
  2. Fish bone
  4. Morphological
  5. Force Fitting Triggers
  6. Heuristic ideation technique
  7. Lotus Blossom
  8. Concept fan
  9. Mind mapping

PART 3: Product Concept Description

  • Present the visual or visuals of the product concept
    • Visual can be sketched by hand or drawn using available software’s.
    • Label each component accordingly

*Be as detailed as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the product.


  • Include the following:
    • Features
    • Functions
    • Technologies

*Be as detailed as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the product.

PART 4: Market Identification

  • Justify your marketing strategies. ( GIVE EXAMPLES IN MALAYSIA)
    2. Product/Package
    3. Place (MALAYSIA)
    4. Promotion

*Be as detailed as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the marketing strategies.

PART 5: IDEA EVALUATION (Choose any two of the techniques)

  1. Cost-benefit analysis
  2. Decision trees
  3. Evaluation matrix
  4. Force field analysis
  5. Sticking dots
  6. SWOT analysis

Format of Writing

  • You are to use the following format of writing.
    • Font type: Times News Roman
    • Font size: Heading – 16pts, subheading – 14pts, normal writing – 12pts
    • Line spacing:5
    • Caption and the source of information are to be given to each diagram, chart, and table used in your answer.
  • The assignment should be a formally written document and the contents of which should be about 1,500 words (excluding appendices) for Group Task and 2,250 words for Individual Task. You may include diagrams, figures, tables etc without word penalty.

References and Citations

  • References and citations are to be written according to Harvard Referencing System.
  • Ensure the format you use for writing your citations and references is consistent throughout the document.
  • Ensure each citation has its corresponding reference and each reference has its citation in the answer.
  • You should on no account make reference to Wikipedia,, or the likes as sources for your work. These websites can be useful to provide you with the definitions and the general ideas about the concepts within the module but it is not acceptable in your academic writing.



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