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Ethical Issues in Management – Organisational Contexts


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Assignment Details:-

  • Subject : Ethical Issues in Management
  • Word limit : 1800 words
  • References : 10
  • Due date : As Per Required


Task Description


Ethical dilemmas are prevalent in all organisational contexts. Research has revealed that many students feel unprepared to manage ethical dilemmas when they occur, and also report that they feel they should receive more training about how to address such dilemmas prior to entering the workplace.

Researchers have also found that many students report that they have limited self-awareness and want more opportunities to learn more about themselves during their time at university. It is especially important to have self-awareness when faced with ethical conflict. If we know who we are and what we stand for, we are more likely to make choices that align with our values and that we are comfortable making. More broadly, self-awareness is associated with outcomes such as greater creativity, self-control, improved decision-making, and job-related well-being.

The aim of this assessment task therefore is to increase students’ knowledge of themselves and the factors that influence their decision-making when faced with an ethical dilemma. In reflecting on a previous, specific ethical dilemma, students must address the following questions:

Question 1 : Who am I? What are my core values and purpose?

Answer :Write an answer with the help of following points given :

Point 1 – What is your purpose in life?

P2 – Name your three or four deepest values. : being compassionate, kind, and loyalty

P3- What is the one sentence you would like to see in your obituary that captures who you really were in your life?

P4- Self-awareness can contribute to better ethical decision-making through:

Knowing your values

    • Knowing your personality traits –
    • Knowing your “exceptions”
    • Understanding your purpose at work and in life
    • Recognising your preferred communication style
    • Identifying areas for improvement (e.g., assertiveness)
    • Knowing how you respond when under pressure.

Add following points to make an answer :

Answer : Gender – girl

Age – 24 , Cultural background – Indian and from collectivistic culture

Education: Bachelor’s in psychology, master’s in industrial and organisational psychology, masters in human resource management and leadership.

Work history : 1 Year experience as an Hr assistant

Little bit about myself (kindly precise it and make an effective introduction)


Martin Seligman says “Reaching beyond where you are, is really important” and I find myself in complete agreement with him. We all have something that makes us feel alive, a passionate pursuit that adds a little extra meaning to life, an activity that gives us a sense of fulfilment of purpose. My doting parents would always tell me that from an early age I moved at a pace faster than the pace preferred by most. I would always be intrigued to know more when I came across something new. This curiosity grew and my predilection for the world of psychology never waned from the day, when as part of my learning and inquisitiveness, I was extremely amazed and in awe to learn how the human mind works.

Personality Trait result :



Question 2 : How do I prefer to manage ethical dilemmas at work?

Question 3 : What are the factors that have influenced my ethical decision-making to date?

Question 4 : How can I improve my responses to ethical dilemmas in future?

Note : Please share one ethical issue faced by expert, please mention all the details as per the requirement, I have mentioned my basic details which can be useful for writing first answer.


Criterion 1

Introduction (2 marks)

You have provided an exceptionally clear and convincing context to your essay, supported by relevant scholarly sources. You have provided a comprehensive summary of your essay, including the structure, argument and purpose.


Criterion 2

Self-Reflection and Analysis (4 marks)

You have provided an exceptionally clear, comprehensive and insightful analysis of yourself as a person, including a range of highly relevant information about who you are. Both your personal values and purpose are clearly described. You have included a critical discussion of your strengths and weaknesses relevant to ethical decision-making. You have thoughtfully explained how you prefer to respond to ethical dilemmas and why. The analysis is highly cohesive and well‐supported by appropriate scholarly evidence and examples.


Criterion 3

Description of Ethical Dilemma (2 marks)

You have chosen a highly appropriate ethical dilemma for analysis. You have described the ethical dilemma very comprehensively, including the context, key players, and what occurred. Your description is supported by very relevant scholarly sources as required.


Criterion 4

Analysis of Factors That Influenced Decision-Making (8 marks)

You have provided a critical and comprehensive analysis of 2-3 factors that influenced your decision-making in response to the ethical dilemma. You have effectively integrated elements of your self-reflection and analysis to explain your decision-making. Your analysis is supported by highly appropriate scholarly evidence and useful insights from your experience.  You have demonstrated original, independent and insightful thinking, providing a logical link between your experience and the scholarly literature. Overall, your argument for your chosen factors is exceptionally convincing.


Criterion 5

Recommendations for Improvement (3 marks)

Recommendations for how you could have managed the ethical dilemma more effectively are derived from highly relevant scholarly literature and your own insightful analysis. You have provided two or more logical, feasible and practical recommendations.


Criterion 6

Conclusion (2 marks)

Your conclusion is exceptionally clear and concise. You have appropriately summarised the major points of your essay.


Criterion 7

Writing (2.5 marks)

The structure of your essay shows very strong planning and sequencing abilities. Your writing is exceptionally fluent and the essay is written in an appropriate professional tone. Correct use of punctuation, grammar and spelling enhances the readability of your essay.


Criterion 8

Presentation (1.5 marks)

The professional presentation of your essay is flawless complemented by a title page, page numbering, double‐ spacing and appropriate margins. A single referencing style is consistently used throughout, with no errors in the in‐ text citations and/or Reference List. Essay is within the required word limit (+/‐10%).

Writing Your Essay: Suggestions

  • Reflect on yourself and write a description of who you are, including your values and purpose. Here, you may wish to refer to the self-awareness questions that we discussed in the Week 1 seminar. You should consider other information about yourself too, such as your age and gender, your educational background, your cultural background, and your work history. Although not compulsory, it may be helpful to briefly discuss your personality here too. Overall, you want to think about who you are as a person. You should also consider how you prefer to manage ethical dilemmas, and how this aligns with who you are.
  • Identify the ethical dilemma that you previously encountered that you would like to use for analysis. the ethical dilemma should be comprehensive enough to allow you to discuss it in some depth. Ideally, the ethical dilemma should have occurred in a work context.You should be able to provide a detailed description here, including what happened, where it happened, who else was present, and so forth.
  • Spend some time reflecting on how you responded to the ethical dilemma. What did you decide to do?
  • Again, spend some time reflecting on the factors that affected your response to the dilemma. Why did you respond in this way? In other words, what factors affected your decision-making? You should refer to the recommended readings mentioned in the Week 2 seminar as a starting point to help you identify relevant factors.
  • Once you have identified a preliminary list of factors that affected your decision-making, search the literature to compare and contrast your ideas with findings from scholarly research, and identify appropriate evidence to use in your essay.You will need to spend significant time conducting research for this assignment, so make sure that you leave adequate time to do this.  You will need to build an argument for the role of each factor in contributing to your decision-making to make your argument persuasive.
  • Reflect on your response, and think about how you could have managed the ethical dilemma in a more appropriate way. If you were faced with the same dilemma in future, what could you do to help you respond more effectively? What steps could you take to improve your ethical decision-making? Again, you will need to refer to the academic literature here to provide a convincing argument.
  • Read the Marking Rubric carefully and refer to it regularly while writing your essay.  Make sure that you structure your essay appropriately and proof-read thoroughly.
  • If you have evidence in tables or figures, or a short document, please include it in an Appendix.  Please note that Appendices should be brief.


Writing and Presentation Guidelines

When finalising your essay, please make sure that it conforms to the following requirements and includes:

  • A title page including your name, student number, and word count
  • 5cm margins on all sides of the page
  • Double-spaced text and page numbering on all pages
  • Headings for all major sections excluding the Introduction and Conclusion
  • All text formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font
  • A Reference List in either Harvard, APA or AMJ format
  • Appendices numbered in order of the inclusion in the text, provided afterthe Reference List


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