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How to Answers “Elsevier Scenario” Nursing Case Study Assessment and Essay?

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Nursing Assessment Details:

Topic: case study

Document Type: Assignment help (any type)

Subject: Other

Number of Words: 1000+

Citation/Referencing Style: APA

University: Standard

“Elsevier Scenario” Nursing Case Study Assessment Answers


  1. Students are required to view Elsevier Scenario Video 1 on Moodle

Admitting a patient to hospital’.

While reviewing Elsevier Scenario Video 1, ‘Admitting a patient to hospital’, Fiona the nurse admits Lilly Station, a 38 year old lady who is preparing to have a mastectomy.

Research and answer what communication elements and skills Fiona used whilst interviewing Lily Staton and what may have influenced their relationship as Patient and Nurse. Paragraph format (Approx. 200 words)

Video 1 link

2.    Students are required to view Elsevier Scenario Video 2 on Moodle

Challenging behaviours and conflict.

On viewing Elsevier Scenario Video 2, ‘Challenging behaviours and conflict’, Mark, the nurse is faced with dealing with a difficult situation between Rachel and her father.

After viewing this scenario, use research in regards to negotiation and conflict to explain what techniques Mark used to handle the conflict between Rachael and her father.

Video 2 Link

  1. Time 0720hrs : 

Following her admission an interdisciplinary team meeting is called to discuss this patient’s care.

Explain the purpose of this team meeting and the procedures appropriate to this type of meeting.

Describe how you would manage the discussion of this group to achieve the objectives set by the meeting. 

Paragraph Format (Approx. 100 words)

  1. The interdisciplinary team meeting decided that an interpreter would be assigned to facilitate effective communication with her, your client, to assist staff with her continuing care.

List 5 specific health care events where interpreters should be engaged.

Explain their role in each event.Paragraph Format (Approx. 80 words)

  1. Realizing that your client may also have some sensory loss which could also lead to agitation and inability to communicate appropriately:

What are strategies to improve communication with this patient.

  1. In the midst of caring for your client and organizing the continuing care, you realize that another staff member is texting on her phone and taking photos of another client and herself within the department.

Research the Social Media Policy Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Explain your understanding of the social media policies that apply within the Health Industry.Paragraph Format (Approx. 100 words)

  1. Should an incident occur to the person during her combative stage and she was injured then there are procedures that should be followed.

Research the Australian Open Disclosure Frame work.

Describe your understanding of open disclosure and its relationship to you as a nurse.

Time 1200hrs: 

The family arrive to be with your patient who has now been identified. She appears calmer and is conversing with the family freely.

She has been identified as,

Adriana Joseph

D.O.B 23/5/41.


  1. Information technology is widely used throughout the health industry.

Name 2 Health Informatic systems that could have been used to assist with this patient’s medical history now that they have knowledge of her identity. paragraph Format (Approx. 50 words.)

  1. Explainthe polices that protect the use of electronic communication within the health industry.Paragraph format Approx. 50 words
  1. As an Enrolled Nurse, your position is to communicate with the multidisciplinary team members and emailing different departments is common. Explain and describe email Etiquette. Paragraph Format (Approx. 50 words)
  1. You have realized how important it has been to be an advocate for Adriana and her familyIn your own words explain what being an advocate means to you as a nurse.Paragraph Format  (Approx. 40 words)
  2. In relation to Adriana’s case study, nurses will often give and receive feedback so that they can improve performance.Identify what are effective communication strategies for giving and receiving feedback on your own performance.Paragraph Format ( Approx. 60words)



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