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IFP3017 Accounting Presentation Case Study Question Assessment

IFP3017 Accounting for Business Decisions Case Study


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Assessment Details:-

  • Topic :: Accounting
  • Document Type :: Assignment help (any type)
  • Subject :: Accounting
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required


IFP3017 – Presentation Question


You will have 7-10 minutes MAXIMUM to present your findings. Please submit your PowerPoint slides via QMplus link by Friday 26th March 2021.

Recording of presentation deadline:

The management of a business is concerned about its inability to obtain enough fully trained labour to enable it to meet its present budget projection.

Service Alpha Beta Gamma Total
£000 £000 £000 £000
Variable Cost:
Materials 6 4 5 15
Labour 9 6 12 27
Expenses 3 2 2 7
Fixed Cost 6 15 12 33
Total Cost 24 27 31 82
Profit 15 2 2 19
Sales Revenue 39 29 33 101


The amount of labour likely to be available amounts to £20,000. All of the variable labour is paid at the same hourly rate. You have been asked to prepare a statement of plans, ensuring that at least 50% of the budgeted sales revenues are achieved for each service and the balance of labour is used to produce the greatest profit.



  • Prepare the statement, with explanations, showing the greatest profit available from the limited amount of skilled labour available, within the constraint (Hint: Remember that all labour is paid at the same rate)
  • What steps could the business take in an attempt to improve profitability, in the light of the labour shortage?


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