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LAW1500 Introduction to Business Law Case Study Assignment Answers

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Question 1

In this case, it is showed that Tristram quickly becomes bored in retirement and desires to understand whether there is any way he can establish a new surfboard manufacturing business. He needs to take several procedures to execute his plan. At first, he should develop a new business plan where he operates his business. He should determine the amount of money needed to start a surfboard business based on the cost of services, products and staff. Make sure Tristram has a niche in the surfboard market based on competition and location, as this will help his business succeed. To help in making the business plan, he should consult with examples existing from the small business administration.

In a word, he should make a copy of business plan by talking to a local credit union or bank loan officer in community. Moreover, he should sell a bank representative to the business idea and use his plan to back up information on how to make the business a success. For these applications, he must complete the application before it is approved and give the bank time to check. If he is unable to qualify on the basis of a credit report, consider being a surfing business partner for whom it has the necessary capital and financial resources.

At this moment, Tristram needs to register his business in his preferred location or region. And find the Employee Identification Number (EIN) through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by filling out a registration form and sending it through IRS website, mail, or fax. By registering with the state and local level revenue departments, he will be able to collect and pay sales tax on Surfboard and other products that the business sells. He should find a local business license from the city or county government to run a surfing business in a physical location in the village by completing an application and submitting a license fee (Bin, 2010).

In terms of Rent or purchase facility Tristram should find the right fit for his surfing business needs. List his local real estate agents for help, or visit the website and explore the features available in his location. Choose a location near the most popular surf spots, as surfers prefer to close their business before or after surfing. Make sure the office has enough storage space to display surfboards for his business products and records, as well as sales and other products.

Tristram will contact with surfboard dealers to find out if they are selling products directly at a retail store or using a wholesaler. Look for other tools his dealers should be selling. Learn how to create a surfboard and provide these services to surfers as a way to expand the products and services his business provides.

Hire staff. Learn about surfing or surfing with someone he know that he can be a successful business. It is urged him to be aware of the products and services provided by his business, as this can increase sales. Hire a bookkeeper or office assistant to manage the financial aspects of his business, including wireless ordering, tax and shipping.

Tristram should Promote his business and Advertise his surf shop through newspapers, radio, television and the Internet. He considers it a way for he to re-surf the savings, so that he can buy equipment, they have to be a surfer. Enjoy spending time on the beach because he have done so many activities here. Some of these activities require special equipment such as softboard if he wants to test the snooker equipment under the sea to drive the waves or drive a car. Since not all people have the equipment to buy equipment and money on the beach, he can make money by learning how to start a company rental beach.

Tristram should Make a business plan and Set up what he want to rent a portion of the beach rental agencies because some people prefer to rent beach houses and much more surfing and snooker equipment. Set the day and hour of the operation as well as he is exposed to. Determine the cost of starting a beach rental company as well as how much longer he need to keep in funds to start his business before making a profit. Include all that information in his business plan, marketing and the advantages and disadvantages of hiring his company (James, et al. 2015).

Earn funds. Find a small business loan by meeting with a bank or credit union representative in his community. Find out if he is eligible for a loan based on his business plan and personal credit history. To get a cheap loan, especially for small businesses, contact the Small Business Administration to choose if he are eligible. If he is not eligible for his loan, choose a partner with access to capital to start a beach rental company.

Insurance Contact his local insurance representative to discuss business insurance to protect his beach rental company. If he has been hit by a hurricane, tsunami, fire, or natural disaster or other business, get liability insurance to protect his property insurance benefits when there are people in or around the area who have hurt him.

Question 2

National registration

Ability to use police

The Australian Federal Police is a major law enforcement agency. There are also state police. In Australia, both federal and state police officers carry handguns, pepper spray and batons. Powered weapons also have access to many (such as teasers). in this regard Fran Deleon can follow this:

The Criminal Law of 1914 is enforced by both federal and state and territorial and law enforcement authorities.

(1) A person shall not use force that is necessary and reasonable to arrest another person for a crime, to prevent another person from fleeing or to show great resentment towards another person after arrest.

(2) The police officer shall not do the following when arresting a person for a crime without restricting the activities of (1).

(A) To save one’s own life or to save another from being seriously injured, a police officer may reason to do something that may cause serious bodily harm to the person (including the police member). People who don’t believe have a good reason); Or

(B) When a person escapes and tries to avoid arrest (e.g., no):

(I) The constable reasonably believes that this must be done to save the serious injury of another (including the serious constipator) or to prevent serious injury. And

(2) A person is called to surrender and I reasonably believe that the constable cannot arrest him otherwise.

in the context of the case of Fran Deleon the use of firearms is legal only when necessary and when threats to life or limbs are imminent. In 2013, the Australian Crime Institute reported that police shot and killed 10,105 people between 1989 and 2011. More than 40% of them have been diagnosed with some mental illness, including psychiatric disorders such as psychopharynx.


Victorian law enforcement officers do not have to pull out firearms without fear of ultimate danger. Firearms can only be abandoned if we reasonably believe that we must save lives or prevent serious injuries. Do not fire warning shots (McLaren, et al. 2019).

New South Wales

In June 2017, the News South Wales Act was amended to allow state police to shoot suspects in terrorism-related cases, even if the attackers did not make any immediate threats. This amended law was then enacted and the key elements of the use of police force in relation to the declared Terrorism Act are:

(1) The Police Committee authorized by this Division shall, as a police officer, concentrate on approving, directing or using the situation in cases where terrorist activities have been declared. We will respond by applying the reasonably necessary parts. By doing this, terrorists can protect their law and deprive or stop their illegal rights (Carruthers, et al. 2012).

(2) According to the Police Action Plan of the police officers in charge of the Counter Terrorism Act, these police members shall not be liable to the police responsible for this crime.

(3) This section applies only to actions taken in good faith by police officers.

Police supervision

There is no independent police surveillance agency in Australia. Fraudulent use of fraud should be reported to the Australian Federal Police.

Button: Raise the intention to hurt or hurt someone or get consent

Forcibly enter any building, vehicle, ship or other protected area for search, seizure or arrest

Managed Power Weapon (Teaser): Drawing, aiming or emitting

Handcuffs: Restrain

Chemical: drawing, targeting, or discharge

Police applied dog and horse power

Hold, strike, kick, or hold other physical strength

Fireworks Device (a): Installation

Firearms: drawing, aiming or discharging

Soldiers: Injures people

Within the Australian Federal Police, a Canberra-based professional standards unit severely damaged the investigation into the allegations of overstatement and there was an angle using the responsible police force with the final outcome determined by the jury to investigate the death and see if the unit was valid. With regard to the case of Fran Deleon In an observation completed in Australia in 2013, the Human Rights Commission noted concerns that the close relationship between police investigations and corner investigations could threaten Corners’ freedom of investigation. There are also monitoring agencies in different states. In Victoria, for example, the state’s Independent Extension-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) is investigating allegations of excessive use of police force.

In the case of law


Fusion with the perspective of the UN treaty body

The Human Rights Commission has called on the authorities to ensure that the observations are completed in Australia from 2017 to 2017.

All allegations of additional forces by the police, including deaths in custody, are fully and impartially investigated.


There are no human rights organizations in the area where victims can complain of excessive police use


The Australian High Court is the final court of appeal under both federal and state law.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory vs. Australia and Glan Pitky’s Crowley and Communication (2012)

Following the 2012 verdict in the case, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) withdrew its investigation into allegations that plaintiff Jonathan Crowley paid attention to and violated his obligations. This responsibility for care may be similar to the responsibility for care under international law.

The lawsuit relates to a December 11, 2001 AFP call that Crowley took to the streets in extreme distress and threatened several people while carrying a Kendo stick. When two AFP officers approached him, he refused to follow their instructions and beat both officers with sticks. A police officer shot him in the neck and spread the spine around him. He did not claim that the shooting was unfair. The Court of Appeals has ruled that AFP cannot be compelled to take any precautions to prevent any possible criminal activity in the case of an arrest (Carruthers, et al. 2012).


William Young’s Lazy Quest for Death (2013), proposed by Queensland Corners Court.

Between August 2013 and November 2014, Queensland Police Service (QPS) police officers shot and killed five people in a related incident while on duty. In Corona, it was found that in each case, the QPS officer concerned had acted appropriately in giving up the weapon. Corona acknowledged this: because of the nature and immediacy of the impending deadly threat, it is essential that the police response should not be threatened. To achieve this, the police were fired to “hold the armpits” at the center of the virtual cross-section line between the two armpits of the human body (almost the center / great alliance and the lungs).


Slavsky v. Victoria (2012)

Regarding the rationale for the units used at the time of the arrest Fran Deleon should, Judge Cure confirmed in a Victorian Supreme Court decision that:

The person exercising the power of arrest has the right to use as much force as he deems necessary to carry out his purpose properly, provided that the means established by the reasonable person remain incomplete.

Question 3

If Hugh Pearson party makes a promise or statement that caused Ira Rush’s dependency relies on a statement in such a way that she or he suffer financially as a result of the dependency, the court will consider the statement or promise as a full agreement. No court agreement or consideration is required to enforce such a commitment, but it is difficult to prove that a statement was made without such a record.

The idea of accomplishing all that he promised to attract the crowd. But the promise of “detrimental dependency” (those who have a diurnal promise) should be appropriate, and the prime minister (who makes the promise) should not be seen during the speech. If the promoter takes action that the promoter does not expect, the promoter does not keep the promise (Tzeng, 2015).

When there is a dispute between business partners, refer to a partnership agreement or written agreement for guidance. The court will also monitor the agreement if the dispute is settled. In fact, Ira Rush does not have a written agreement but they rely on a verbal agreement to run their business. While verbal agreements may work well for some business partners, they include exceptions rather than rules and if there is a dispute it breaks down quickly. According to law of contract, the verbal agreement is further pressured because the parties may also agree to the terms mentioned. In fact, each party may have a different interpretation of the verbal agreement based on discussions about the structure of the business held several years ago. However, oral contracts may be legally valid depending on the nature of the contract.

Contract law specifies the implementation of the commitments of the parties to the law and enforcement agencies involved in the formulation, interpretation and execution of the contract, as well as the commitment to remedy the failure to manage the team. The key element is third party approval. For example, is any promise true, specific enough to establish the rights and responsibilities of the parties. Since casual promises are not usually the basis for acknowledging rights, there are additional questions about whether the promoter has the necessary intentions. In the language of the law, if there is a question as to whether the subject matter includes free consent, party qualifications, legal matters and the subject matter to be considered legally binding, the contract must be void and valid, excluding the notion of consideration in general. A promise will be considered if the agreement is made as part of an offer or as part of the agreement. Doing something with a promise to do something or with revenge or doing it can be a real “doing” or “avoiding action”. The underlying principle is that promises are made because promises are considered or valued as promises (Tzeng, 2015).


Bin, S.M.Z., 2010. Empirical Research on the adjustment Costs in the Process of Trade Liberalization against the Backdrop of International Economic Integration: A Case Study on the Establishment of China-Australia Free Trade Area [J]. World Economy Study8.\

Carruthers, P., Skead, N. and Galloway, K., 2012. Teaching property law in Australia in the twenty-first century: what we do now, what should we do in the future?. UWA Faculty of Law Research Paper, (2012-18).

James, S., Sawyer, A. and Wallschutzky, I., 2015. Tax simplification: A review of initiatives in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. eJTR13, p.280.

McLaren, J., Kendall, W. and Rook, L., 2019. Would the Singaporean approach to whistleblower protection laws work in Australia?. Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal13(1), pp.90-108.

Tzeng, P., 2015. The State’s Right to Property Under International Law. Yale LJ125, p.1805.

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