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LAWS8100 Assignment Answers on Professional Skills and Practice Analysis

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With advent and advancement of technology, the whole world is adapting to the uses of AI in daily lives. Essential services like that of medical facilities have included the use of AI within their areas of work. The inclusion of AI into legal services may be made possible by the method suggested by this reflection. Law students who passed out of college 10 years ago did not feel the need to know the technology or have hands-on experience with devices like computers, as law was primarily a career that involved the regular reading of books and statutes. Times have changed and law students graduating out of college now do not feel the need to have libraries filled with legal books as all information relating to a case or any statute is only a click away in their laptops. Just like all other professions, lawyers have to keep adjusting to the developing technology and take it within their stride. The sudden pandemic made it all the more necessary for everybody to come to terms with the development of technology and use it in their daily lives. With the ongoing pandemic, all public institutions have been shut down; including that of the courts and justice system, but the pandemic has resulted in an increased number of crimes being committed in each country. Similarly, commercial matters have not come to a halt even through people are restricted to stay indoors. An alternative method had to be discovered for the continued functioning of the legal firms and their working.

Organizational culture may be understood to mean a common approach that is taken by all the members of the organization to deal with a particular issue. These cultures may differ from organization to organization as internal rules and regulations of each organization influence this culture. The inclusion of artificial intelligence in legal services has been at a very slow pace.[1] The pandemic which most everyone to remain indoors brought about the necessity to increase use artificial intelligence the regular working of firms. The courts remained closed and that resulted in the piling up of cases. Artificial intelligence came to the rescue and hearings started being conducted through computers and devices using the internet.[2] Although this remedy could not equate to the normal functioning of the court, but it provided some relief to the victims of crimes and also reduced a part of the burden of the court.

The traditional requirement of any law firm is to formulate contracts in a short time and at a very low cost. The high demand for such services makes it difficult to find lawyers who would draft, formulate or review a contract in a short span of time unless the firm has a specific and specialized team to work on the contracts dealing with the clients of the firm. Until and unless the firm has a lot of clients who need the regulation and reviewing of contracts regularly, the smaller firms tend to outsource the drafting, formulating and reviewing of contracts to specialized firms which deal only with the specific area of law- drafting contracts. This whole process takes a while for the contract to be completed and sent to the original firm. Meanwhile at the long duration in which the contract is being sent and received, main cause loss to the client. Thus, artificial intelligence may be used to resolve this issue and use the technology to formulate and review contracts as needed by the clients.[3]

The ongoing pandemic has caused a reduction in the income of most of the commercial institutions including law firms.[4] This makes it all the more difficult for law firms to outsource the contract reviewing process, as it is expensive as well as time consuming. The use of artificial intelligence for reviewing contracts has been introduced by LAWGEEX, where an organization can pre-defined the policies that has to be adhered to while reviewing contracts. this particular technology claims to be 80% faster than human lawyer who is reviewing and approving contracts, 90% cheaper than the expenses to have the same done manually by a lawyer and three times faster in completing the whole procedure.[5]

It has to be understood that legal education and practice is no longer about a fight between the concepts of right and wrong. The education system all over the world focuses on teaching the legal theories and doctrines to a law student without giving a practical experience of the application of these theories. A degree in professional skills and practice of law shall enable the individuals who are entering into the legal profession to reduce the labor force in the field and bring in the concept of smart labor by the use of artificial intelligence to achieve more accurate legal documents in a reduced amount of time and finances. The reviewing of contracts does not stimulate or grow any skills in a lawyer, if artificial intelligence is used to cater to the needs of formulating and reviewing contracts, human lawyers can be assigned to mode critical issues which require human intellect, attention and understanding to be resolved, and this in turn can lead to the growth of finances for the firm. A degree on the topic of professional skills and practice of law teaches us that legal skills have to be used and updated regularly, so that they can be applied on a legal issue. The work of contract review is mundane and requires no specific legal skills to be applied and also takes a lot of time as the lawyer has to you remember all the different policies of different organizations which have to be applied on the different contracts. the use of artificial intelligence shall not only reduce costs but shall also increase efficiency and accuracy and shall make resources available to the firm which may be applied to areas of need.

Thus, a number of challenges that currently plague the legal system along with additional challenges being faced due to the pandemic may be overcome by the use of artificial intelligence to attend to duties that was being done manually till date.



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