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NURS25361 Nursing Care Plan Case Study Assignment

NURS25361 Case Study Assignment on Nursing Care Plan


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Assignment Details:-           

  • Course Code: NURS25361
  • Course Title: Care Plan
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 9000+
  • University: Athabasca University
  • Country: CA


Case Study Task:-


An older Latin American woman is admitted to the emergency department (ED) by ambulance. The paramedics inform the staff that they were notified by an anonymous source regarding an older woman who “looked lost” in the neighbourhood. When they arrived, they found her bleeding from scrapes on the palms of both hands and the anterior aspects of both knees. She would not tell them her name or where she lived, and she was mildly combative, batting them away from her as they approached. She has no identification.


In the ED, she is disoriented, agitated, and suspicious of attempts to assess her. You observe that she has poor personal hygiene. She is wearing two distinct coloured socks, and her shirt is inside out. She has extensive bruises circling her wrists and a large bruise on her left neck. Her gait is stable with no limb rigidity or flexor posturing. She denies any knowledge of her own health history, exclaiming, “I’m as healthy as a bat, and I can take care of myself!”


After you place the woman in a quiet room and offer her some water, she begins to relax. You ask to clean her skinned hands and knees, and she agrees. At that time, a middle-aged man and woman come into the room, exclaiming, “Mother, this is the last straw! Will this never end? We are just going to have to take drastic measures!” To which the patient replies, “Who are you?” The man explains that the woman is his mother, E.S., age 75, who has lived with him and his wife for the past 3 years since she started a fire in her home, another province. He says that she has dementia that is thought to be Alzheimer’s disease (AD). His wife had to quit her job as a salesclerk 2 years ago to care for E.S. because she required 24-hour monitoring. E.S.’s son tells you that they have tried everything to keep E.S. from wandering, but this is the third time she has been picked up in the neighbourhood by the police or the paramedics. He says they must have forgotten to lock the door to her room after they removed her dinner dishes.


Nursing Care Plan

  1. Identify 1 nursing diagnoses (actual) based on the case study scenario and create a comprehensive Nursing Care Plan.
  2. Include 1 short-term goal and 2 long-term goals in your planning/goals section. Make sure your goals are SMART!


Ensure to include evaluation criteria (how will you evaluate if the goals were met.


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