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PES 722 – Management of Physical Education & Sports Case Study Help



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Case 1: Head of Department of PE


Mr. Joseph Kwarteng is the new Head, Department of Physical Education at POTESCO in Pomadze, a large well-established senior high school known for high sports performance at the youth level. He took the job a year ago after working for several years as a PE teacher and football coach of the Apam Senior High School football team. When he arrived at POTESCO, he found that the other PE teachers and the football officials of the school’s football team were a dedicated and highly competent group. They responded well to advice and functioned very well with little day-to-day supervision. There was, however, one notable exception, Mr. Joe Baah, who was 55 years old when Mr. Kwarteng arrived at POTESCO.

He had been asked by the former Head of Department (HOD), his close friend and now assistant headmaster of the school, to handle the school football team, 3 years earlier, and had been the Acting Head of PE Department for 2 years in the school before the arrival of Mr. Joseph Kwarteng. In his first meeting with the staff of the PE department a year ago, Mr. Baah subtle mentioned two points in his self-introduction: (1) that his first born was as old as Mr.Joseph Kwarteng, and (2) that he planned to remain a football coach of the school team till retirement from GES. His comments angered Mr. Joseph Kwarteng who, but for Mr. Baah’s pleasant demeanor and age, coupled with the fact that he was new in office, refused to be confrontational.

In the months that followed, Mr. Joseph Kwarteng found that in fact Mr. Baah had been doing very little as the head football coach, thus leading to the gradual demise of the sporting prowess of the school team in inter-zonal competitions in the immediate past four years. With time, he got to know Mr. Baah well and found him a genuinely likeable person. While he wanted to insist that Mr. Baah be more productive, he felt that the man was probably incapable of doing more.

When he tried to assign him extra coaching duties as a coach for athletics he seemed to become completely overwhelmed and politely declined the offer. Two other PE teachers and a past student cover for his incompetence and they have hinted that perhaps he should just leave Mr. Baah alone until his retirement from GES. Recently another PE teacher who has high expertise in football coaching has joined the staff and his involvement with the football team has reduced Mr. Baah’s work load.

According to school policy, Mr. Joseph Kwarteng should conduct regular yearly evaluations of all the PE teachers in his department. In the first evaluation conference with Mr. Baah, he seriously considered rating him unsatisfactory and confronting him with his shortcomings. But he was afraid the man would be devastated, especially since he had previously earlier been made acting HOD for two years. He reasoned that Mr. Baah was probably incapable of change after all these years. Besides, the man had become very supportive of him in his new job as head of department and has consistently praised his competency and supervisory style in public.

So, in the evaluation, he rated him excellent on four performance categories and “needs improvement” in two: punctuality and attention to detail. During the meeting Mr. Joseph Kwarteng quickly pointed out to Mr. Baah that everyone (even himself) needs improvement in at least two areas. Overall, the conference was a pleasant exchange between him and Mr. Baah. He had expected that even the two slightly critical comments might hurt Mr. Baah’s feelings.

Since last year, Mr. Baah has continued to do very little work. This year Mr. Joseph Kwarteng has been asked to reduce the number of PE teachers by one and all indications point to the removal of Mr. Baah. Because of budgetary shortfall the allowances of the teachers will also have to be scaled down by 10% by the close of the current academic year. Mr. Joseph Kwarteng has just called a meeting of all the teachers in the department to explain the situation, especially knowing that one teacher has to be recommended for transfer from the list at the close of the year.

Mr. Joseph Kwartenghas come to you for your advice because he has thought about confronting Mr. Baah, telling him about his shortfalls and breaking the news to him about the reduction in the number of PE teachers in the department. Drawing on the notes and discussions during lectures, what advice would you give to him? Prepare a brief paper (4-5 pages) that outlines your thinking about this case. Read the case carefully and make sure you analyse the situation critically before providing clear and specific suggestions to help Mr. Joseph Kwartengdeal with this situation.

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