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Professional & Ethical Practise

  1. Give a brief definition of ethics.
  1. Briefly describe the difference between morals, ethics, and laws.
  1. What factors are transforming the professional services industry?
  1. What relationships must an IT worker manage, and what key ethical issues can arise in each?
  1. Identify and briefly discuss four reasons that the number, variety, and impact of security incidents is increasing
  1. State the purpose of an IT security audit and briefly discuss the key elements of such an audit
  1. What is the right of privacy, and what is the basis for protecting personal privacy under the law?
  1. Why and how are employers increasingly using workplace monitoring?
  1. What are some key federal laws that affect online freedom of expression, and how do they impact organizations?
  1. What important freedom of expression issues relate to the use of information technology?
  1. What is plagiarism, and what can be done to combat it?
  1. What is cyber squatting, and what strategy should be used to protect an organization from it?
  1. Why do companies require high-quality software in business systems, industrial process

control systems, and consumer products?

  1. What are the four most common types of software product liability claims?
  1. What impact has IT had on the standard of living and worker productivity?
  1. What is being done to reduce the negative influence of the digital divide?
  1. What is an effective whistle-blowing process?
  1. What is green computing, and what are organizations doing to support this initiative?
  1. What are social networks, how do people use them, and what are some of their practical business uses?
  1. What are some of the key ethical issues associated with the use of social networking Web sites?

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