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Review the Case Study Organization Information from Assessment Task 1 – Contents of Induction Programme

How to Write a Review the Case Study Organization Information from Assessment Task 1? – Contents of Induction Programme. Get Related Topics like; Case Study Writing, MBA Assignment, Assignment Answers Online and etc. by Australian subject matter experts.


Topic / Subject: Assignment


Reference Style: Refreshing Style


Pages/Words: 1 Page/250 Words


Review the case study organization information from assessment task 1 and identify the content to be included in a general induction program for new employees. Develop an induction program for new employees of the case study organization using the format Organize for your assessor to act as a staff member and induct them using your induction program resource. On completion of the induction ask the induct to sigh off the induction checklist.


Assessment 2

All Things Homely Simulation

Task 1: Plan Promotional Activities 

  • Determine promotional objectives 

The promotional objectives are:

  • In-store entry of 200 shoppers on the first day of shop launch
  • A total of 500 shoppers by the end of the five-day shop launch.

To develop desire to purchase indicated by:

  • Sales of $3,124 on the launch day
  • Sales of $24,564 close of the five-day launch.

In store promotional activities achieve a rating of:

Minimum 5 for each question in the survey, and with an overall score of 5.5 for the total of five days using 5-star ranking model.


  • The shop needs to attract an average weekly sales target of 438461 to achieve overall yearly sales target.
  • This is $5494 on average per day for a seven-day week.
  • However, as it is the first week, where awareness and conversion to buy usually takes time, I don’t believe we can achieve that daily figure. Even with well-crafted promotional activities for the launch,
  • The success of the store will rely on creating a retail experience and any promotional effort must fit with this business model. It is essential that any promotional activity creates a positive impression with customers which will set the platform for this retail experience; therefore, survey is very critical instrument to gauge our customer service skills in the eye of each visitor.

These three promotional objectives support the overall business objectives as follows:

  • Failing to achieve 4.5 out of 5 as an overall customer service experience will highlight the areas of improvement which will be a positive learning curve for the organizations and eventually assists with fine-tuning the gaps and reaching the desired level.
  • Increasing awareness will trigger increased customer acquisition which in return will boost sales- hence the achievement of annual sales target.

1.2    identify and assess promotional activities

   Activity    Rationale   Limitations
Direct mail
  • Direct mail advertising is the perfect medium to target an exact or specific individual or customer base.
  •  Considering its direct response nature, it allows us to test and vary your approach to obtain optimal results.
  • The medium is not sophisticated as it may seem and is less effective than other mediums.
  • It goes without saying that such an approach can cost us thousands of dollars and is more expensive than any other mass promotion tool available out there.
  • Sales promotions also enable upselling, where we persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item, and cross-selling, where we sell an associated product to the customer.
  • Companies use sales promotions to clear out excess inventory at the end of a season. Even when we don’t make a profit, generating cash with the unsold items enables you to meet near-term expense obligations and to buy inventory for the next season.
  • Sales promotions naturally limit us per-transaction revenue opportunities. If we discount a $10 item to $8, we miss $2 in revenue. While discounts may improve volume, they narrow profit margins
  • The short-term motive of sales promotions can work against the typical long-term goals of companies, including creating customer loyalty.
Community Newspaper
  • Timely announcements can be made within a few hours of conceiving the idea.
  • It is suitable for both direct and indirect selling and selling through the post is made possible.
  • Lack of movement and sound.
  • Newspapers are a highly visible medium, so us
  • Competitors can quickly react to ours prices.
Public relations
  • audiences are more likely to trust messages coming from an objective source rather than paid-for advertising messages. It is one of the most credible forms of promotion and can be persuasive.
  • Public Relation can be an economical way to reach a large audience in comparison to paid for advertising media placement, particularly if it is done in-house
  • It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of
    Public Relation activities. we can count media and published stories, but it’s harder to determine the impact this has on our audience.
  • We may spend time and money on writing a press release, getting suitable photography and speaking with journalists, but we can guarantee our story can be published. This can result in a poor return-on-investment


1.3   Identify the legislative context for the promotional activities


  • Designs Act 2003/ regulations 2004

According to this “we love toys” shall not use a design applied on a packaging of competitor’s product. Protect of visual appearance.

  • competition and consumer Act 2010 and regulations 2010

“we love toys” shall comply with Australian consumer law to enhance the welfare of people through the promotion of competition and fair trading and provision for consumer protection.

  • Copyright Act 1968 /regulations 1969

According to this team member should not use or reproduce an art work in a marketing campaign without having licensing agreement with creator of IP.

  • Trademarks, patents, intellectual property

It is important to legally protect your idea, product, design or business identity. Find out more about intellectual property such as trademarks or patents via IP Australia.

  • Codes of practice

There may be one or more codes of practice, codes of conduct or codes of ethics that business must comply with.

Codes of Practice are voluntary guidelines (though sometimes they may support existing legislation) usually developed by an industry or organization specifying

how they agree to behave as a group.

1.4   Develop action plan for promotional activities

strategy actions Forecast cost timelines
Implement advertisement for sales promotion Search for graphic designer to list them to create advertising poster and loyalty cards for sales promotion. $300 May 6
discussing the plans, buy one get one free offer, while buying family coffee one-hour free entry for kids. May 8
Supply design files and give to printer
Posters and loyalty cards printed. Arrange for them to be put up in store and promotion shared on social media


May 7
Contact local printer for poster and loyalty card printing rates May 9
Implement Advertisement for community newspaper Business owner to write content May 5
Contact local newspaper for advertising- ask for advertising prices. $ 16 per day May 4
Search for graphic designer to list them to create content. $500
Arrange with advertiser when you would like to ad published- publish advert. $2000For full advert per monthly publication May 6
Implementing Public Relation Organizing the interview business owner with journalist from the community newspaper. Jun 5
Attend the meeting with the journalist Jun 8
Review the journalist draft written interview for publication and give approval Jun 9
Published interview in community newspaper. $1500
Implementing the direct marketing Contacting the printer for printing the flyers May 18
Arrange for company to drop off the letterbox $2000 May 3
Implementing personal selling Selecting the staff who are capable on interacting with customer Apr 5
Staff briefing on personal selling Apr 10
Arrangement of date and time of personal selling Apr 12


1.5   Consult with stakeholders

After my research and action plans I consulted with the stakeholder and asked her to review and provide a necessary feedback. She provided me a feedback as below

  • Researching more on market for proper action plans
  • Hiring marketing experts
  • Focusing on realistic PR activities

After her review I made final action plans.

Those above activities are then scheduled according to the time date with forecast prices.

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