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The Star Geek Cafe Network Design Help

The Star Geek Cafe
The Star Geek Cafe is a new coffee shop in town and they are opening all around town
and thy have hired you to build there small network. The building consists of a meeting
room that would host 12 people with there laptop computer and a dedicated printer. A
main lounge that has small tables and seating areas that could accommodate maximum of
15 and a seating area for with two printers to serve them. Finally there is three work
stations with a printer to serve them. The three workstation, will have midrange
computers for customers who would visit the café and would like to use a computer while
they are enjoying their coffee as shown in the following diagram.
The StarGeek Café had hired you to show them how you will build there small network
and they have asked you to show a complete network layout with addressing further more
you where asked to do a network simulation.
To begin the lab, you will need to complete the following:
1. Assemble your network team. Record the names of all team members on this
2. Determine the IP address for each computer in your network. Examples of IP
addresses that can be used are provided in Table 1. Your instructor will assign
you to a LAN and the accompanying IP address.
Network Equipment Required
• UTP patch cables
• Switch / Hub
• Host computers
• WireShark Protocol Analyzer software
seating area
Serving Area
Network Printer Network Printer
work Stations
Network Printer
Network Printer
Coffee Shop
Required Tasks
1. Document devices connected to the café LAN.
2. Interconnect hosts/make connections from host computer to switch/hub.
3. Verify link lights when making the network connections.
4. Use the ipconfig/all command to view the MAC address.
5. Configure the host IP address.
6. Verify connectivity/ping hosts.
1. Prepare a drawing similar to the following Figure. You are to create the cafe LAN
drawing with Microsoft Visio. You will do this outside of Lab and turn it in next
Your network must contain at the three computers “work staion”. For students
who don’t have Microsoft Visio, you can use PowerPoint or any other drawing
tool to create your network documentation.
List the MAC and IP addresses assigned to your networking devices.
2. Configure the IP address for each computer in your LAN. You will need to follow
the steps provided in your book to configure the IP address for your computer.
3. Use the ping command to verify that you can see all the other computers on your
network. This requires that you know the IP addresses for each computer on your
network. Record the findings from using the ping command to verify network
Submit your cafe LAN network drawing with a full report showing host computers, the
MAC addresses, the IP addresses, and the network topology (for example, star)


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