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You are to prepare for and make 2 different presentations to the group on a topic instructed by your assessor

Part A

You are to prepare for and make 2 different presentations to the group on a topic instructed by your assessor

Your preparation must be in the form of a detailed session plan, and should use visual aids where appropriate.

You need to prepare for this session, so take the time required and make this a great presentation.

You are required to hand in your preparation notes at the time of your presentation

Your presentation topics may include other unit topics you are undertaking as part of the course- to present a report on related knowledge, such as:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Way that adults learn
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Your business profile
  • Your research topic
  • Your current or future occupation
  • An area of interest to you

Each presentation is to run for 20 minutes(approximately 8-10 slides each depending on how much time you will take to present)

Part B (700-800 words)

Now that you have completed your presentation, you are toreview your performance. Research what others thought of your presentation, and send time reflecting on your performance. Consider what you would change/improve and why. Don’t forget to talk about what went well.

Present your findings/review in the form of a written report, and submit it to your assessor. This report should be approximately 1 page per presentation.

Part C (300-400 words)

Q 1 – Describe when you would use the following presentation methods.

  1. Verbal presentation
  2. Video presentation
  3. Storyboards

Q 2 – Detail 5 different presentation aids, and how they can benefit your presentation

Q 3 – Describe 2 different evaluation techniques you could use to evaluate your presentation. State the benefits of each technique detailed.

Q 4 – describe the benefits and limitations of the following presentation strategies

  1. Discussions
  2. Group and/or pair work
  3. Questioning
  4. Simulations and role play

Q 5 – What is meant by facilitation?

Q 6 – Describe the principles of effective communic

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