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MBA is one of the most popularly studied professional two years post graduation degree course in Australia as well as the whole world. Case study is one of the mot important parts of MBA. The business schools and management colleges give the students a lot of case studies on various business organizations.

A case study is the detailed description of any company, project or industry in a given period of time. The case study contents might include information about the company objectives, challenges strategies, result, targets, recommendations and many more.

Case Study Writing in MBA

The case study topics are based on various companies belonging to different business fields and industries. There are certain good tips you need to follow while writing a case study paper. Here is some 8 simple and effective tips are discussed in this blog regarding MBA Case Study Writing .

8 Tips to write a good MBA case study paper

  1. Have a thorough knowledge regarding the company: The business case study assignment papers are mostly based on specific companies. Thus, before writing the case study assignment, you always need to have a very clear idea regarding the company. You can get the most updated information from the official website of the company on the internet.
  2. Choose a good topic: There are some MBA institutes who give the student freedom to choose their own topic and company. In such cases, you need to choose the company or topic that interests you the most. You can choose the industry which you find the most attractive. This will help you in writing the case study paper in a better way.
  3. Have a clear idea on SWOT of the company: In any of your business case study paper, you need to have a very clear idea on the SWOT analysis of the company on which you are writing the case study paper. The SWOT analysis is a proper study of the internal strengths, weakness and external opportunities and threats of any company. You need to have an updated idea regarding these entire 4 factors while writing your MBA case study paper.
  4. Write about the profit and loss: You always need to have a hundred percent correct information regarding the annual profit and loss scenario of the company for past 5 years. You also need to have a good idea regarding the balance sheet of the studied company.
  5. Read the business journals: It is always advisable for you to read the business journals and newspapers regularly to write a good case study assignment. You can get the most updated and relevant information from these sources. In this way, you can always keep yourself updated with the global business scenario.
  6. Analyze the findings: You need to analyze all the findings gathered by you while writing your MBA case study assignment paper. You need to analyze and check each and every finding to make it a hundred per cent accurate.
  7. Identify a business strategy: In the MBA case study paper you need to identify a proper business strategy after analysis and study. You need to suggest a good business strategy for the welfare of the company. This is the part of your case study paper where you really need to show your creativity. You can also use various statistics and business models in this part of your paper. The business strategy should help the company to not only survive but thrive in the highly competitive local as well global business environment.
  8. Make your recommendations: This is the final part of your business analysis case study paper. Here you need to make your own final recommendations regarding the strategies to be adopted by the company for future benefits. You can use some financial forecasting models in this part of your case study paper. This will give a vivid idea of the effectiveness of your recommendation. The ultimate aim of your business recommendation is the profit maximization of the company. You need to recommend a business study for the company by which they can minimize the chances of any losses in the future.

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