How to Write an Ideal Case Study Analysis Report for MBA Degree Course?

Case study analysis is one of the most important assignments for the MBA (Master of Business Administration) as well as various other degree courses round the world. In order to write a perfect case study, you need to have a very thorough knowledge in the subject matter of the case study topic as well as the company about which you are writing the case study analysis. Industrial case study analysis is a very important part of your degree course. Thus, you always need to be very much dedicated towards it.


In this blog we will discuss about some very useful tips and method to write am ideal case study analysis paper.

How to write case study analysis?

  1. Analyse and investigate the history and growth of the company: Past of the company can largely effect its present and future. Thus, while you are writing a case study regarding any company, first, you need to investigate thoroughly the past history events, achievements, etc. of the company. You need to investigate the founding, growth, structure and critical incidents of the company.
  2. Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the company: You need to gather the best and the most important information as mentioned in step 1. Use need to use this information to identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the company on which you are writing your case study. You need to examine thoroughly and make a list of the value creation functions of that company.
  3. Obtain information about the external environment of the company: This is the 3rd step of your case study analysis. In this step you need to identify the threats and opportunities involved with the company’s external environment. You always need to have a very strong knowledge regarding the competitor and competitive environment on the industry which the company is facing. Thus, you can write a good case study.
  4. Analyse all the findings: Gather all the information from the steps mentioned above and evaluate them with subsequent analysis of all your findings. You need to compare the weaknesses and strengths within that company to the external opportunities and threats. You need to determine whether the company is in a strong and competitive position. Thus, you can take a decision if the company can continue to survive in the current market or industry successfully.
  5. Identify all the corporate level strategies: In order to identify the corporate level strategy of the case study company, you need to identify and evaluate the corporal strategy, goal, mission and vision of the company. You have to analyse the business lines of the company, its acquisitions and subsidiaries. You also need to debate the pros and cons of the company’s strategy.
  6. Identify the business level strategy: You need to identify the business level strategy of the company for a complete case study analysis in the corporate field. You need top identify and analyses each and every part of the competitive strategy, general focus, costs and marketing strategy of the company.
  7. Analyse the implementations: This part of the case study analysis needs you to identify as well analyse the control systems and stricture of that company. Then, you need to implement them in your business strategies. You also need to evaluate certain issues like employee rewards, hierarchy levels, conflicts, employee rewards, etc. to analyse the company.
  8. Always make the recommendations: The last part of your case study analysis is your own recommendations for the company. All the recommendations’ made by you should be based on as well supported by the case study analysis context. Do not share the hunches and make any baseless recommendation.
  9. Make a proper review of your case study analysis: After you have finished writing, you need to do a proper analysis of your case study. You need to critique your own work to ensure that all the steps have been covered by you. Always proofread and edit for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, poor sentence structure, etc.

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