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Of Headless Mice…And Men: Free Essay Sample and Example

Of Headless Mice…And Men


In year 1997, the first ethical aspect and concern of cloning was started when Scottish scientists successfully cloned the first mammal, a sheep named Dolly the cloned sheep was welcome with "wonder, titters, and some vague apprehension." For the past four years, there have been a lot of researchers trying to clone different creatures like sheep, headless mice, and tadpoles.

Krauthammer (2001), “For sheer Frankenstein wattage, the purposeful creation of these animal monsters has no equal.” When a researcher takes mice, take the gene, and tells embryo the embryo to produce the head and he deleted it, this was done to thousands of mice embryos,' and only four were given birth to. Because they have no leader, they died instantly. Why are we cruel to animals? And even to ourselves.

The cloning of headless humans is an ethics issue "the deliberate creation of deformed and dying quasi-human life, you know we are facing a bioethical abyss” When God created human beings, he created us to live, reproduce and die. Why are the scientist trying to "Act like God" God almighty is the Alpha and omega? Human needs to live and die. “Human beings are ends, not means.”

Cloning headless human could be potentially dangerous to the person who would carry/birth the cloned embryo. For instance, cesarean section surgery to deliver the baby, baby, without head cannot be provided. Headless babies will not be able to pass through the birth canal. More so, having general anesthesia, birthing developed problems some women have when they are carrying baby e.g., gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other disorders. No wonder the writer says that producing headless humans is "personally distasteful."

According to my religious belief, we do not have the right to create any creatures, talk less of creating headless man for spare parts, to be used, and throwing it away after the needed parts has been used for its purpose. No wonder Krauthammer (2004) stated that "there is no grosser corruption of biotechnology than creating mutant and disemboweling it at our pleasure" We as humans do not have the right to reproduce such a precious thing as a human life only to throw it away after it has been taken apart for selfish human interest.

Human and animal cloning should be abolished. I know that scientists have to look for a way of coming up with something, but when it comes to cloning headless human to save human lives, organs, systems, and some body parts, it makes it meaningless and useless.  Furthermore, there is only one God, and that is God. I also believe that everyone was created on this earth for a period set of time. Once your time is up, you have done. Replacing body parts of the body with human spare parts can only possible when one is still breathing if God says no, who is a scientist or doctor to say yes. I agree with the author on ending the experiments on cloning animals and humans. I do understand that some of the scientist is trying to experiment because of health reasons. Such as cloning organs, skins, and body parts for individuals who are on a waiting list for those items. However, knowing Americans and how we like to do everything the most significant, most reliable, fastest, and the best, cloning headless humans will only be the beginning. Soon after, full size, living, breathing, clones of individual will come as the author stated. Then scientists and everyone else will begin to feel big-headed and think they're gods. (Corey Jones, 2005)

"Alive" Never have a pair of quotation marks loomed so ominously. Take the mouse-frog technology, apply it to humans, combine it with cloning and you can become a god: with a single cell taken from, say, your finger, you produce a headless replica of yourself, a mutant twin, arguably lifeless, that becomes your own personal, precise tissue-matched organ farm.

There are, of course, technical hurdles along the way. Suppressing the equivalent “head” gene in man. Incubating tiny infant organs to grow into larger ones that adults could use. And creating artificial wombs (as per Aldous Huxley), given that it might be challenging to recruit sane women to carry headless fetuses to their birth/death. (Krauthammer, (2001)

There are also different forms of cloning; another cloning is the therapeutic cloning or the production of stem cells, which are cells that are easily manipulated to become the cell that is needed. This stem cell is derived or taken from embryos. Religion wise unethical to use human embryos for research because the fetus represents a social life. Why do we need to waste one’s life to save some part of the body that is impaired or damaged, e.g., brain damage?

Reproducing cloning is the most controversial of all. Some biologists look to replicating cloning as a way to preserve valuable domestic animals, while some people that have difficulty conceiving through natural way look up to reproductive cloning as an option to have a family in which everyone desires. But merely looking, anything cloning is trying to challenge God. Because God created. Headless cloning is like creating a Zombie in human society, what of, research went wrong, and then society is going to be in disarray. All the cross-breeding, in-vitro, stem cross are all cloning. If someone really needs to replace any missing parts of the body we have organ donors that are willing to donate voluntarily some will even do it without any charges or animated everything in his image.

Federal funds should be ban on supporting human and animal cloning; it's a cruelty to human nature. How would you feel to see your so to say twin without head? To me is suffering and torture. A new law should be propended that any researcher caught trying to clone any human or animal will be penalized or end of life imprisonment. 

Krauthammer (2004) Clinton banned federal funding of human cloning research, of which there is none anyway. He then proposed a five-year ban on cloning. This is not enough. Congress should ban human cloning now. Totally. And regarding one particular form, it should be draconian: the deliberate creation of headless humans must be made crime, indeed capital punishment crime. If we flinch in the face of this high-tech barbarity, we will deserve to live in the hell it heralds.


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