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Proposal: Impact of MS office on organization performance:

Rational and Context:

MS office stands for the achieving the best and most concentrated output from the efforts of the employees that could help in achieving various organizational goals and objectives with the use of computer. Employees in the company are actually the human resource that is among the vital factors that does not only support the production purpose but also helps in supports the business operations through various services for the sustenance of the business. With MS OFFICE in action the human resource in a company will enhance their ability to play important role in production, marketing, sales, physical distribution etc. The placement of the human resources is done through recruitment of the best employee for the job through a definite recruitment process. However the MS office in the business will help in achieving effectiveness and efficiency in placement of the human resources along with application of various education, training and development programs so that the company can easily achieve its target goals and objectives (Bakker & Schaufeli, 2008).

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The aim of the study is to find out the extent of gains that the MS office process can bring to the organization thereby increasing its productivity and gains. Further the objective is to find out the various methods that can be followed to bring in most appropriate MS office in the organization so that the human resource can be developed as per the changing requirements of the business. This way an effort will be made to recognize the issues and problems that are faced by the human resource in the day to day operations in an organization. These factors can either appreciate the working or adversely affect the work place conditions. This way the impact of MS office is estimated as to how much it could bring relief to the organization from the ill effects of various factors. Thus the factors affecting are controlled and the employee’s skills are upgraded so that they could easily take over the various issues and problems on one side and take advantage of the available opportunities on the other side. Hence the main objective to increase the productivity of human resource to become able enough to achieve revised organizational goals and objectives (Burrel & Morgan, 1992).

Research Question(s)

The research questions include the following.

  1. How MS office can help various human resource factors likely bring in success for the organizations?
  2. Which are the prioritized factors that could bring success to the organization?
  3. How can MS office be achieved?
  4. What are various benefits that can retrieve from applying MS office?
  5. What are the various methods used for achieving MS office?

Proposed Research Method(s)

The proposed research method is secondary method. This report will consist of the outcomes of the new Harvard Business Review Analytic service that consisted of survey and data collection from nearly 550 executives on the topic of MS office. Also the interviews of the 12 company leaders are done to add firsthand information about the research topic which is one the impact of MS office on the performance of the company. The literature review related to the topic is discussed. Along with that the research methodology of secondary research is used and the evaluations achieved through the research are depicted through graphs and further discussions. Finally an evaluation is made and the recommendations are suggested accordingly to achieve high gains and profits for the company through increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the business operation.

Ethical and Access Issues (Using the RDI form available from the module iLearn page)

The ethical issues that are considered in this project include the secrecy of information that is gathered from various human resources. This way the name of the respondents along with their responses will not be revealed. Hence the report will consists of only the outcomes of the research in the form of data, facts, figures and diagrams. The access issues will be considered after taking due confirmation from the related authorities to continue with the research work. Finally the research will be limited to specific framework as per the title and objectives of the research which will help get in-depth information about the assigned task and avoid entering in broad issues (Heger, 2007).

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Potential Value of Research

The potential value of research is to the stakeholders including the employees, employers, government agencies, job aspirants and researchers. Thus the research will help in getting an idea about how the human resource in the company can be skilled and upgraded as per the changing needs of the business. Various factors will be identified that affect the business. And the possible solutions will be suggested that can help increase the productivity of human resource and increase business efficiency (Huxham et al., 2001).

The potential value of research is for the employees who can identify and work on the issues that could adversely affect the performance of the human resource. The potential value of the research is for the employers who can identify the factors that could affect the output of the company and could take proactive actions to block the ill effects. The potential value is for the government agencies that can control and direct the business world so that the social welfare can be achieved and the interest of the employees can be safeguarded. The job aspirants will also get the benefit from the research as they will be to identify various issues and problems affecting the human resource in an organization and could appreciate their skills even during the academic learning years so as to become capable enough to deal with such situations. Finally the researchers will be able to understand the cause of the rise of any particular issue or situation in an organization and suggest strategies to implement which can decrease the impact on the organization output. This way the research will help in analyzing the situation and get identification of the various factors that could affect the organization human resource (Fray, 2007).

Bakker, A.B. & Schaufeli, W.B., 2008. Positive organizational behavior: Engaged employees in flourishing organizations. Journal of Organizational Behavior, pp.147-54.
Burrel, G. & Morgan, G., 1992. Sociological paradigms and organization analysis elements of the sociology of corporate life. Ashgate: Suirrey.

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