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Understanding Self as Key to Good Management Assignment

Motivation, HRM, Org and Leadership Sample Topic on Understanding Self as Key to Good Management


Self-assessment is a term used for analyzing the features of the one-self for the purpose of identifying the drawbacks such that they can be removed. Also an attempt is made to recognize the abilities of one-self so at to self-recognize and self-verify its presence. Efforts are made in this task to identify features and understand self as key to good management. An analysis is made of the features identified during self-assessment for the purpose of recognizing the distinct features that could add feather in the crown and describe the drawbacks so that they can removed well before time(Bandura, 1997). 

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The essay will therefore focus on the various key features as good manager and critical explains its value to the organization and me.Managers who follow the correct mixture of these four features of good management are successful as they learn to manipulate the levels of these features as per the job requirements. This way a good manager is one who learns to manage things such that the organization achieves growth and sustenance in the highly competitive environment. Thus various features of being good managers will be identified in me. A brief review of each self-assessment finding will also be made. This will be followed by the presentation of the critical analysis of each finding through self-assessment. Further the theories will be explored and explained related to identified self-assessment. The reflection of the results of the self-analysis will be also made to spell out the various strengths and weaknesses accordingly. Finally an action plan will be developed to become a successful manager based on the earlier findings.

Critical Analysis of key features of good manager through self-assessment:

The key features that are identified to be required for being a good manager include the followings. The critical analysis of these features is also made thereafter.

1) Leadership qualities:

I feel that I have good leadership qualities. I can understand the problems and issues well before others. This way I always find myself in a position to analyze the situation and direct others towards the possible solution. The ability in me to recognize the other person abilities before assigning them tasks proves the presence of a good leadership quality that have complete knowledge of his surrounding and abilities of his employees. I am a democratic leader who allows new ideas and thoughts and gives equal chance to everyone during discussion(Laura et al., 2010).

However a critical analysis of these findings of my ability can be made on grounds that I make very few friends as I trust very little. Therefore the available resources that are friends are with the limited abilities. Therefore I am left with no other choice to select from among the limited friend circle. However in an organization I expect to have a huge number of employees available as resource whose abilities can identify and used as per the requirements. Democratic leadership that allows others to keep ahead their thoughts may result in more time consuming(Fisher & Lovell, 2008).

Leadership in management is a means to direct the employees towards certain organization objectives. The leader is the person who is entitled and authorized to develop the skills of the employees and manage various tasks in the organization such that the goals and targets are achieved within the stipulated time frame. Leadership style varies from being authoritative where people are only directed to democratic style where the ideas of others are also heard(Kaiser et al., 2008).

My strengths as a leader include the followings.

  • I understand problems well before others.
  • I can direct others using effective communication skills towards solutions.
  • I can easily convince others.

.My weaknesses a leader includes the followings.

  • I make few friends and hence have a limited access to the human resources for better experience.
  • I direct people who can be easily convinced. However people who argue are not given any directions by me.
  • I need to develop effective communication skills through addition of words that impresses people easily.

The action plan for improving leadership style in me includes the followings.

  • Practicing and participating in various declamation contests so that I gain confidence and achieve consistency in speaking.
  • Learning new words that are lesser aggressive and easily impress other people.
  • Try making new friends so that I can understand ways to handle different kind of people.

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2) Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management refers to the management of the employees in the company. I have all the abilities of a good human resource manager as I value Human Resource Management Skills. I believe that Human Resource Management Skills can help me in better human resource management. Human Resource Management Skills are actually held belief which may or may not be true facts. The Human Resource Management Skills that I possess are honesty, courage and being logical. This may be the reason why I like to make few friends and trust only few people as I look in for same qualities in others. My behavior is always therefore to help my friends to sort out their problems and give my best and sincere efforts to support them(Merkert, 2010).
The critical analysis of this finding of my human resource management abilities can be made on the basis that in the real world the Human Resource Management Skills are sometimes compromised. This is because we have to follow some certain steps that are facts and being followed by many earlier. Thus getting logical during that period of application may result in serious problems for me as a manager(Northouse, 2004).

Human Resource Management is a process of affecting behavior of a person which can be constructive and desirable if regarded positively. The person trying to solve problems for others may be considered as a positive personal value but the same personal value may be considered unethical when a student help other student during exam(Zhang, 2010).
My human resource management abilities are high and I expect to bring me good name and trust. The strength of my Human Resource Management Skills as a manager includes the followings.

  • I offer equal opportunity to the people associated with me to give ahead their views and thoughts.
  • I give fair treatment to all my friends.
  • I believe in helping others when in need.
  • I support the idea of logical discussion as that could give out new idea.

My weakness with Human Resource Management Skills as a manager includes the followings.

  • I need to socialize more by making more friends.
  • I need to develop my logical skills so that I can convince others during discussions.
  • Helping others is a good thing but it should be done for only those who value help later on. Therefore I need to recognize people who really need help and will recall the good acts later on.

The action plan that will help me develop as a manager includes the followings.

  • I will take part in discussions and keep ahead my ideas and thoughts so that they can be agreed or disagreed as the case may be. This would help me in understanding that if my Human Resource Management Skills and thoughts are actually correct or just part of an introvert thought.
  • I will try not to enter into any discussion that may lead to issues or problems just for the sake of logical outcome. Instead I will try to research at my own with facts so that I can prove my stand. Therefore I will apply the proverb “Actions speaks louder than words” by keeping ahead facts and figures supporting the discussion.

3) Motivating Employees:

I have the abilities to motivate employees. I have a good personality that offers openness to new ideas and thoughts. I even have good level of self-confidence that could help me stick to my thought during discussion. Finally I have self-controls that help me stay under control during hot discussions and arguments.

The critical analysis of my personality can be made on the grounds that being openness to new idea is not a bad thing but in the wake of such discussion there may be a loss of time. Therefore openness to new ideas only applies when we have good time for it. When it’s time for execution the openness to new ideas may results in unnecessary delays bringing consignment delivery at stake(Wylie, 1989).
Motivating employees stands for convincing and directing employees towards a common goal or objective that could benefit the organization. Motivating employees requires the manager to have a good personality with varied features. Personality of a person helps in defining the thoughts and values of a person. The five dimensions of personality help in identifying the personality trait of the person. The different personality dimensions include the followings.

    1.    Self-confidence.
    2.    Openness to experience.
    3.    Empathy.
    4.    Self-control.
    5.    Prudence.

Thus the above stated dimensions can help in recognizing the personality of the person so that he can effectively and efficiently motivate employees.

The strength of my motivating abilities as a manager includes the followings.

  • I am open to new ideas and thoughts, as I allow others to keep ahead their thoughts.
  • I have good self confidence that could help me stick with my correct decision making for achieving organization objectives.
  • I have self-control and emotional stability as well which could help me show consistent outcome even during pressure stage in my job.

The weakness in my motivating abilites as a manager includes the followings.

  • Being openness may result in time wastage that may delay important projects.
  • Self-confidence over decision may result in taking wrong decisions without taking any other suggestions or precaution from employees.

The action plan that will help me develop as a manager includes the followings.

  • I will develop the ability to recognize the people who could give good thoughts and ideas. This way I will refer to them during discussion over important issues. Rest of the people who often tends to waste time in not so effective discussions will be avoided during important decision making periods.
  • I will continue to keep it up with my self-confidence but will try to add adjustment part up to some level with keeping self-control so that the most desired application and outcome is finally achieved.

4) Organization structure and design:

Organization structure and design which can be flat or pyramid type affects the working style in an organization. I apply cognitive factors in my organization structure and design abilities. It includes the ability to gather process and interpret information. This way I first understand the present situation and then apply the changes accordingly. I do not run to conclusions but rely on facts and figures, analyze them and then lead myself to a conclusion. This way my outcomes are mostly supported by the true facts that are hardly questioned(Bandura, 1997).
A critical analysis of the organization structure and design can be made on the fact that something that is already been proven and directed by other experts need not to be reconsidered through application of facts and figures and further analysis. This way a person in life has to follow the directions of experts so that the time wastage in data collection and analysis can be saved and the most effective and desired outcome can be achieved(Altintas et al., 2013).
Organization structure and design includes the goals are defined by those at higher level, clear job descriptions exist for every job, top management makes important decisions, promotions and pay increases are based as much on length of service as on level ofperformance etc. These factors help decide the present status and become platform for future objectives.

The strength as a manager for organization structure and design analyzed in me includes the followings.

a.    Goals are identified well.
b.    Important decisions are made after careful considerations.
c.    The decision that I take will be supported by facts and figures.
d.    It will be easier to convince others with the data mining, collection and analysis process that will help in getting the most trustworthy outcome based on which the effective decision making can be done.
e.    Diversions from the project can be avoided.

The weakness as a manager of my organization structure and design includes the followings.

a.    Goals need to be revised and factors revisited at regular intervals for reviews.
b.    Unnecessary delay in consignment disposal may take place due to unnecessary data mining, collection and evaluation.
c.    The already proven methods may get questioned which may result in attracting conflicting discussion from the senior managers.
d.    Incorrect data or facts collected may prove taking wrong decisions.

    The action plan that is developed as a manager includes the followings.

      a.    I will figure out the ways and means of early data collection and interpretation so that the decisions can be verified well in advance.
      b.    Seniors will be taken into confidence before making any application of cognitive style.

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    In the end, good management style is one that is backed by Motivation abilities, Organization structure and design, Human Resource Management and effective Leadership. These are such varied features that add to the abilities of the manager so that he can take wise decisions, manage things at work and achieve various organizational goals and objectives. Managers who follow the correct mixture of these four features of good management are successful as they learn to manipulate the levels of these features as per the job requirements. This way a good manager is one who learns to manage things such that the organization achieves growth and sustenance in the highly competitive environment(Hamiliton & Cynthia, 2005).
    I myself made self-assessment of the four key features of good management and found that I am capable of being a good manager. However I figured out that there are still something’s that require my urgent attention so that my dream of becoming a good manager can be actually achieved in future. This way I will make all attempts and efforts to remove all the drawbacks recognized above through the action plan so that the best can be achieved out of me(Northouse, 2004).
    A critical analysis ofmy identified abilities through self-assessment has been done on various bas is. Therefore strength and weaknesses are identified as per the requirements of a good manager. The action plan discussed will help me to remove all the drawbacks and achieve new milestones in life to become a successful manager(Zhang, 2010)



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