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Answer any 10 of the following questions: Each question carries 10 marks.

  1. Define ‘data’, ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’. What are the major challenges in managing information systems?
  2. Define the term ‘systems’. Give an example of a business system and identify its boundary, environment, components and objective.
  3. Provide definitions for ‘connectivity and ‘Cardinality’, as they pertain to entity-relationship diagrams (ERD).
  4. Explain how an SIS can be used to change the scope of competition for an organization.
  5. Explain how IT supports communication and collaboration.
  6. In what phases of the IS – planning process is the business managers most likely to be involved? What are their responsibilities likely to be during each of the stages?
  7. How does IT architecture differ from an information vision?
  8. Why do organizations often have several databases? Describe what would happen if there were no data dictionary for a given database.
  9. For each of the types of knowledge generation, suggest one business model that might profit from it.
  10. Give your view on the importance of guidelines and governance in the disposal of hazardous materials, such as those found in electronics equipment.
  11. Why passwords and PINs are considered an ineffective authentication technique?
  12. What is the relationship between the components of a business continuity plan?
  13. Distinguish between stockholder theory, stakeholder theory and social- contract theory.
  14. What does ‘PAPA’ stand for? What are the ethical issues involved in censorship?
  15. Summarize the main drivers of technological change.             



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