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Assignment Help on Corporate Reputation and Responsibility

Reputation and Responsibility Module
Page 1 = assignment structure
Page 2 = Org Overview / High-Level Narrative to paint a picture for the writer
Page 3 onwards =  feedback graphed etc. 

Suggested Structure for the Assignment 

Introduction  (Roughly 1,100 words/ 4 pages )
Clearly explain the issue that you are addressing and provide the context within which it is taking place. The strategic imperative should also be referred to, providing you with an opportunity to discuss the organisation’s vision and values.  Reference should be made to both elements of the module (ie reputation and responsibility)
(Referenced I want Schwartz basic theory of values)

Stakeholder Analysis  (Roughly 750 words / 3 pages)
In order to address the question ‘reputation for whom?’, you are expected to conduct an analysis of the organisation’s key stakeholders and map them onto an appropriate stakeholder framework. 
Referenced I want a PLU model – customers, employees, management, CEO, suppliers

Reputational and Responsibility Models (Roughly 2000 words / 8 pages) 
Following a discussion of key reputation and responsibility models, select the most appropriate models to address the issue outlined above. Provide a justification for why you have selected the models you have. If at all possible, collect a small amount of primary data and present findings. 
Referenced here I want the Corporate Character Scale Model used here…… 

Conclusions and Strategic Recommendations (Roughly 1,100 words / 4 pages)
Draw conclusions from your findings and make strategic recommendations relating back to the initial challenge.

We are largest independently owned telecommunications provider in Ireland employing 28 staff, this is an increase of 10 new employees in the past 2 years.

As an independently owned company our CEO works within the business and effectively has 2 roles one “CEO role” and the other “Sales & Marketing”
We are the company which has a strong set of values and clear vision. 
Vision = To be the best provider of Managed Cloud & Connectivity Services
Embrace change through innovation 
Consistently delivery service excellence to our customers 
We do what we say 
We pursue high growth 
We work passionately and collaboratively together

These were set by the management team 4 years ago (3 ppl at the time) the management team is now 5 ppl and with 10 additional staff some of these values are not lived out anymore…. 
“Consistently delivery service excellence to our customers” for e.g. is not realised as a value because our churn rate is above industry standard…. 
“We work passionately and collaboratively together” is also not realised anymore as with the additional 10 ppl, 7 are in sales and when sales are selling; any conflicts or issues that arise from sales not following due process etc. is brushed under the carpet…. 

Our employee induction process doesn’t lend itself to having our values fully understood and less of a chance to embed therefore conflicts between newer staff and older staff bubble up (nothing major but from a responsibility point of view the leadership team tend to think it ok because there new etc. essentially leaving less motivated employees
So in summary while our “identity” internal view is starting to suffer… this will continue to reflect on our “image” customer view and churn while above industry standard while continue to be unless we sort out the conflicts internally affecting our identity…. i.e. reset our values have an inclusive process so we all buy into same therefore resulting in better identity which reflects a better image…  
References should include…..
Schwartz re: Value questionnaire… 
Davies 2002… relations between internal and external dimensions
Chun, R & Davies G, 2006 The influence of Corporate Character on employees and customers




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