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Part B Nursing Assignment-Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

Part B Nursing Assignment-Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

Expert Response

Part 1: Factors in decision making:

Part 2: Advice for Kevin and Daisy:

Part 3: Leadership theories and styles:

Part 4: Strategies for improving leadership:


Comparative Report Instructions



As the name suggests, the objective of this exercise is to provide you with the opportunity to systematically compare your Student Response with the Expert Response, and in the process, reflect upon and demonstrate your learning outcomes.


General Information

Proceed with this comparative report only if you have submitted your Student Response, and have viewed the associated Expert Response.

After reading the instructions below, please submit your comparative report on the ‘Submit Comparative Report’ page.

Creating Your Comparative Report


View the Expert Response carefully. Use the learning outcomes in your iSAP case as a guide for the comparison. Reflect on your submission and consider how well you met each learning objective, and what you have learned by completing this activity. You should then prepare a brief (500 word) report.

Your Comparative Report must address the following points:


Comparison (~300 words)

For each of the learning outcomes defined in the case, identify the differences and/or similarities between your response and the expert response. Suggest possible explanations for these differences and or similarities.

Tips for approaching this section:

  1. Look at one of the caselearning outcomes.
  2. Identify how you approached and demonstrated this learning outcome, as well as how the expert approached it.
  3. Identify similarities and differences between your approach and the experts.
  4. Suggest an explanation for significant differences.
  5. Repeat for the other case learning outcomes.

You will probably not be able to discuss all similarities and differences, so prioritise the most significant.

Reflection on learning (~150 words)

In dot points state how the expert response consolidated and/or challenged your previous knowledge and understanding of the aspect(s) of practice you investigated. Clearly state the main idea you are taking away from this assignment.

Tips for this section:

This part of the comparison is designed to help you identify what you have learned from the expert, and also identify the main take-home idea you have gained from the task.  (150 words)

Impact on knowledge (~50 words)

Explain how what you have learned will affect or enhance your future practice as a healthcare student or practitioner.

Tips for this section:

This should be quite short, focussing on one or two effects on your future practice and/or strategies that you will use in the future.


 Part B Nursing Assignment-Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

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