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8000-307 Assignment Task for Briefings and Making Presentations


The purpose of this unit is to develop your skills in giving presentations and briefings.

The task requires you to plan and deliver a briefing or presentation on a management topic of your choice, evaluate the effectiveness of your presentation and to use the feedback gathered to identify areas for improvement. It is recommended that you follow the stages in the process as set out below.

NOTE:As part of the assignment you must prepare copies of support materials including your plan, a summary of your presentation and copies of all presentation material. Copies of the evaluation forms, a summary of the feedback gathered and action points for improvement are also required.

If the content of another unit is used as the topic of the briefing / presentation, then the assessment criteria for both units apply.

You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. If you are not currently working within an organisation, then you may complete this task in relation to an organisation with which you are familiar. This could include experience working in a voluntary capacity.

You should plan to spend approximately 12 hours researching your workplace context, preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The presentation is likely to last no less than 5 minutes or more than 10 minutes.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

Please use the sub-headings shown below when structuring your Assignment

 Be able to plan a briefing or presentation

  • Identify appropriate information in line with the objectives of the briefing or presentation (16 marks)

Types of Information we need to present it or make it as a brief. For example, technical, explaining a product, paraphrasing, giving a recommendation of new ideas, etc. (Why do we need to present?) to explain a fact, present a risk ……

Now (in line with the objectives) meaning: how to identify? By listing your objectives, or explaining, describing and mentioning.

*Note: make sure that you link your answer with an example, it might be the same as your presentation.

  • Prepare a plan for the content of the briefing or presentation (12 marks)

How to prepare your content?

  1. Explanation or,
  2. Case studies,
  3. Mind mapping or
  4. Brainstorming,
  5. Gathering ideas, noting, etc.

(Choose your preferable ones)

Be able to conduct a briefing or presentation

  • Use appropriate presentation techniques and aids to enhance understanding of the topic of briefing or presentation (12 marks)

You can answer this question by mentioning what are your preferable techniques to present your presentation such as, to use a power point or public speaking, adding pictures/videos. In addition, mentioning the design of your PowerPoint (size, font, etc.)

  • Present information clearly and logically (20 marks)

Clear: Use simple language, facts, numbers, public news, proverbs.

Logical: benefits and the effects.

(You need to think about what you must say, then what you should say, then what you could say).

(What they must hear from you during the presentation?)

Everything should be clear and logic so everyone can understand it, specific information.

(People should get more interested to learn more about your presentation).

  • Present information within agreed time limits (4 marks)

It’s important to set an agreed time so you will be able to control your presentation.

  • Respond to questions raised accurately and clearly (12 marks)

(Time for questions)

Keep an element of questions (leave time for questions)

If you expect the questions that might arise after you are done of your presentation (write them down) and estimate the time will take to answer the question.

If the question is not related to your objectives, you should mention that this question is not part of the PPT’s objectives (I will answer you after the session ..)

Be able to evaluate a briefing or presentation

  • Design a simple evaluation form to gather feedback on briefing or presentation (8 marks)

What are the areas I need to add in my evaluation form?

For example, about the presentation overall, or about the way of delivering the content of your PPT.

Did the content meet the objective?

Did the PPT explained the topic clearly?

So, you can add your preferable questions.

  • Use feedback to identify areas for improvement in presentation skills (16 marks)

Why and how to use it?

Areas to identify in details that came out of the feedback form.

Average of certain participants, what are the areas of improvements?

Are they clear and based on range of detailed feedback?

What is your plan to improve it? For example, by practicing, etc.

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