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Assessment Event 2: Portfolio – Learning and Development Program

Assessment Event 2

This assessment event requires you to submit a Team Learning Program and an Individual Personal Development Plan to demonstrate your ability to develop individuals and teams through the design of learning programs based on the identification of relevant needs.

  1. Team Learning Program
  2. Individual Personal Development Plan


  • The assessment for this event is based on either the Plan2go scenario 2 or alternatively you may base the assessment on your own organization.

These sections must address the criteria in the table below.

You must meet the marking criteria below in order to successfully complete this assessment event.

1. Team Learning Program

The Team Learning Program must include the following sections:

  1. Program goals and objectives:
    • List the learning program goals and objectives.
    • Explain how the learning program goals and objectives match competency standards relevant to the industry.
    • Describe how the learning program goals and objectives meet industry and audience career path needs.
    • Outline how the learning program objectives meet organisational goals.
  2. Program delivery:
    • List three delivery methods (such as online and face-to-face etc.). One delivery method should incorporate formal learning opportunities; another delivery method should incorporate informal learning opportunities.
    • Explain how the delivery methods fit with the program goals.
    • Compare how the delivery methods fit with the specific knowledge and skill requirements of the role.
    • Identify the number of learners.
    • Compare how the delivery methods fit with the profile of the participants and their learning needs.
    • Justify how the delivery methods fit with the resources available.
    • Outline two facilitation techniques to encourage team development and improvement, one technique should be applicable to formal learning; one other technique should be applicable to informal learning.
  3. Support:
    • Describe the support that will be in place during the program.
    • Explain how coaching and mentoring could help individual participants reach competency on the job.
    • List three activities that could help the team reach competency on the job.
    • Identify two types of support material individuals and the team could access on the job to reach competency.
  4. Implementation:
    • Describe what is needed to implement the program.
    • List at least four resources needed to implement the program successfully.
    • Outline the timelines for the learning to take place.
    • Provide an estimation of costs.
    • Explain the organizational approvals needed for the items listed above.
    • Outline of program design structure:
  • Session / topic
  • Duration
  • Learning outcomes
  • Content / topics
  • Delivery method/facilitation techniques
  • Application / summative assessment
  • Resources needed.

2. Individual Personal Development Plan

The Individual Personal Development Plan must identify the following:

  1. What skills the individual is required to develop.
  2. The timeframe for skill development.
  3. The preferred method for how skills will be obtained.
  4. How skill development progress will be measured.


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