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bsb51915 diploma of leadership and management

Operational Planning

BSBMGT515A & bsbmgt517 Manage Operational Plan


  • Develop operational plan
  • Plan and manage resource acquisition

Monitor and review operational performance

Assessment 2

Part A – Written Assessment

Written Assessment

Complete the following and present it as a portfolio Project

You have been employed to develop a new department for the Training and Development of the Administrative and Sales Team for his employer at a Personnel Recruitment Company. Due to demand they have opened two offices, one in Melbourne and one in Adelaide. This expansion has led to a tight budget within the organisation for the fiscal year. You need to keep the budget at a minimal amount.

The Strategic Goal that he has been asked to concentrate on is to Increase Sales by 8% by the end of 2011.

Five staff in the Administration department handle inquiries in regards to sales to the organisations that they provide with personnel (both permanent and temporary.

There are ten Recruitment Personnel who have the primary responsibility to manage their case load and follow up leads for new opportunities.

As a well established organisation, Excel Personnel is a family owned company that believes in Gaining and Retaining Customers through Customer Service Excellence. Though the company has managed to retain their long standing personnel, several of their newer clients have changed recruitment companies in the last six months. Concerned with the loss of clients and no trend in the customers’ move, the Board of Directors have decided to train their team on the latest customer service skills.

For this project:

All plans, goals and recommendations must flow together to support the strategic plan

You may vary your plans, goals, strategies and recommendations as you progress through each part of this project. Put a line through the change and briefly outline why you made an update on the operational plan. This is a normal part of the development of a plan. As new information is introduced, you may decide to change your operational plan

This is a preliminary operational plan that you are drawing up, so use bullet points (unless advised by your trainer).

Assessment 2

You have been asked to develop an operational plan. In the report you must:

  1. Clearly state the operational goals and how they are related to strategic plan
  2. List resources and funds to meet these goals
  3. Identify the relevant personnel that you should consult with in regards to the operational goals and the resultant action plans required to meet the operational goals
  4. Include what communication methods should you recommend to maintain a record of the consultation process Why?
  5. Include what feedback processes you would recommend should be put in place
  6. Include what KPIs you would recommend to measure organisational performance in regards to the training (Write at least two)
  7. Create at least two contingency plans if the employees in both departments do not meet the KPIs.
  8. Develop a business proposal (discuss this with your trainer and as a class using what you have learnt to develop and priorities your strategies).
  9. Draw a flow chart of the relevant parties who you should obtain approval from for this business proposal
  10. You need to also briefly outline how you would recommend that staff have the plan communicated to them. Use at least one smart goal to measure the team members demonstrate an understanding of the proposal
  11. The organisation has two external recruitment personnel who are contracted as a supplier by referring potential customers to Excel Personnel. They have both recently slowed down in referring customers to Excel Personnel. Briefly outline in bullet points how you would strengthen the supplier relationship with them
  12. Based on your KPIs, Smart goals, communication and feedback processes and the organisation’s operational plans, recommend what and how you will measure performance?
  13. Develop one tool based on your recommendations. (This tool must reflect the goals)
  14. How will you monitor financial information? What do you need to watch for when reviewing this information? Why?

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Based on information that you have already received when you spoke to staff, there seems to be a mixture of performance and lack of skills with staff. Some of these problems stem from the Department Managers. How would you handle any under-performance issues in

  1. regards to these skills and the level of performance? In this answer, please refer to the factors that affect output and quality to justify a lack of skills and performance
  2. There is a lack of openness and trust between the departments and this is having a negative impact on morale. Recommend ways in which you can overcome this
  3. Draw a flow chart on the processes that you believe should be put in place for the approval of any variations to this plan (Include who you should consult with in this flow chart)
  4. Using the documents that you have recommended in this project and developed, draw a flow chart on how the variation should be implemented after it has been approved.

Answers will depend on participants, but should show understanding and application of the content from the Learner Guide, as well as use of the required skills and knowledge.

For the business proposal, depending on the time available, the trainer may choose to develop a presentation of this proposal. If there is not sufficient time, then the learner should develop a PowerPoint presentation on this proposal. The proposal should not be more than one page long).

<<1)  The operational goals of my company are:
– to collaborate with relevant departments to provide education and training ;

- build community through employee resource groups.;

- implement new supervisory development program;

Develop an effective communication plan.;
These operational plan are lead to strategic plan which in my company are:
-increase sale by 8% for the end of 2011;

- gain back the customers. >>


The relevant personnel which I should consult may include:

  • - employees

- managers

- supervisors

- workplace health and safety committee

  • I will recommend to use emails communication, meeting and newsletters. All of them are effective way to, above all the emails, to record the cnsultation process. In add, meeting and newsletters, they provide staff the opportunity to respond.

$ Human resources budget spent on training – Measure how much of the HR budget is directed to training expenses;

% external raining program – measures the rate of external training attended by organisational employee in a given period;


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