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CNCL 700 Nursing Practice Assignment Answers

CNCL 700  Nursing Practice Research & Sample Assessment Answers

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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: CNCL 700
  • Course Title: Nursing Practice
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 5000
  • University: Ryerson University
  • Country: CA


Assignment Task:-


E – ELABORATE– With this step, it is necessary to remain focused on the encounter and elaborate on the details of everyone involved. Do not choose more than one issue, as this will distract from your ability to critically analyze and focus on the purpose of in-depth understanding. I will also influence your grade on the paper because you will not be able to intensify your learning about one issue and bring it clearly back to your nursing practice.


A – ANALYZE – integrate theory through the use of evidence-informed literature that provides insight, knowledge, understanding, explanation, clarify the issue. You may wish to identify your own knowledge, perhaps taken from course work that you have taken in the program that might assist you in analyzing this issue. Compare and contrast the knowledge you have acquired in analyzing your encounter in reality. Explore insights that differ and challenge the assumptions, values, of both your perspective and that of others involved in the situation (Mezirow, 1990). Explore the sources of inequities, biases, barriers, restrictions that impact on effective practice.


R – REVISE– Based on your expanded understanding of the encounter, what are the key points you learned in your analysis that broaden your understanding? What nursing actions would you preserve? Or modify? Or change? Imagine alternatives you could consider as different from your prior practice.


N – NEW PERSPECTIVE – Did you gain a different understanding of the issue than when you began? Identify the ways in which your view has been transformed or changed doing this analysis, and what has changed your perspective? How could you learn be transferred to other encounters of your nursing practice?


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