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Cruise Family Case Study and Review the literature

Assessment Details: Case Study Application

Jill and Bob Cruise live with their 3 children Anthony (15 years), Andrew (13 years) and Lisa (8 years). They live in a public housing rental property in a low socio-economic suburb in a major city. Jill is currently on a disability pension for issues related to anxiety and panic attacks. Bob receives a carer’s pension to support Jill. He also manages to do some ‘cash in hand’ jobs as a plumber. He is currently unemployed. Recently, Anthony has been involved in vandalism and has received a community service order recently due to this offending. However, he has not been attending his community service regularly. Both Jill and Bob are concerned about him because he has not been attending school either. They are concerned that Andrew is following in Anthony’s footsteps. Andrew idolises Anthony and on occasion has not attended school either because he has been with Andrew. Both Anthony and Andrew have been verbally abusive to Jill and Bob and tell them to ‘piss off’ as they are ‘hopeless’ and don’t ‘mount to anything anyway’. Jill and Bob say that Lisa is a ‘hand full’ because she is so demanding. She yells, cries a lot, and is always seeking their attention. They feel guilty about this. Bob says to you in your first meeting that they can’t get ‘too well’ otherwise their money will be taken from them and this scares him. He also said that Anthony mentioned to him a while ago during a ‘yelling match’ that he knows nothing, especially about his own brother, Uncle John. This comment has scared Bob. John is at their home a lot and spends time with Anthony and Andrew alone. He doesn’t know how to talk to Anthony about this. Jill and Bob argue frequently about Uncle John as Jill says she is afraid of him and doesn’t trust him with the kids.


  1. Read the Cruise Family Case Study (given above).


  1. You will apply three theories to the case study.


  1. Select Task-Centred or Crisis intervention.


  1. Select CBT or Attachment.


  1. Review the literature on your chosen theory. (You must be clear that you understand the theory you are applying).


  1. Draft an analysis of the case study from the perspective of the two theories you have selected.


  1. Your analysis should include the following:


  1. An overview of the theory that you have selected.
  2. The main argument presented by that theory.
  3. An explanation of why you selected the specific theory that you did, why do you think it is helpful in understanding the family?
  4. Identification of two key principles derived from each of the theories you have chosen, that is, you will name four in total.


  1. Analysis of the case study.
  2. a) Apply the four key principles from the two theories you have identified above to an aspect of the Cruise family, that is, two from one theory, two from the other theory. Four points of application are therefore demonstrated.


  1. Specifically, you should use the four principles you have identified to inform your interpretations and/or practice with the Cruise family.


  1. Draw an eco-map and genogram for the Cruise family and use the principle of stress to explain why systems theory is helpful when understanding the family.
  1. Reference List. (APA)





The Analysis can be written in the first person because you are presenting a reflection on how theory has informed your thinking or interpretation’s. However, because this work is drawing on social work theoretical knowledge it needs to be referenced. This is an academic piece of work and so it is important to access and use the social work literature that has been recommended in this Topic and beyond. Your work must be referenced as this is what changes your piece from a simple personal opinion piece into a professional evidence based opinion. To transition from personal opinion to professional you need to support your argument with the professional opinion of others through referencing. As a guide you should be looking to use 1 unique reference for every 100 – 150 words you write. With this in mind a 2500 word piece should be supported by around 16 references. Remember this is a guide and this means you may present more evidence or less depending upon the complexity of the piece that you are writing. The amount of evidence you choose to use to support your assertions and evaluation is an aspect of your professional judgement and will be evaluated by the markers.


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