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Define the Problem and Identify -Sample Advocacy Planning Guide

Assignment:  Client Advocacy Plan

(SSW 301: Case Management)


I. Define the Problem and Identify Solutions

A. Describe the problem

B. Describe the Ideal Solution. List alternate acceptable solution(s)


II. Identify Resources and Information to Support Your Solution

A. Resources/Information

Resources I have: Resources I need:
Information I have: Information I need:


B.  Identify People Who Can Support Your Solution

Person-Include Agency/Organization How they can help


III. Advocate for your client

A. Identify who you talk with to advocate for your client (the decision makers):

Decision Maker (s) Contact Information

B. Develop a Message to use for Advocating for your Client

1. Three most important points to cover:




2. Why your position deserves support

3. Needs and Solutions

Need Why Need is Important How will the Need be addressed


C. Meet with the Decision Maker and use your message to advocate for your client

IV. Assess Outcomes and Identify Next Steps

A. Agreements Reached

1. What agreements were reached? (Be Specific)

2. Remaining issues and plan to address them

Remaining Issue(s) Plan to Address the Issue

B.  Next Steps-List tasks to be completed, by whom, and when

Who? What? When?
Victim Service Provider
Crime Victim



The purpose of this assignment is to have an opportunity to critically analyze a situation pertaining to a client, and then develop an advocacy plan based on that client.  The assignment is to be neatly written/typed/printed and stapled with a cover page.  Make sure to include this question sheet as the first page of your assignment, followed by the cover page, all stapled together.  This assignment is out of 30 marks and is worth 15% of your final mark. 

  1. Include a cover page with your name, date that the assignment is due, the course code (SSW 301), and Instructor name on the bottom right of your cover page. In the middle of the page, include the title Client Advocacy Plan.  Underneath that, include the course code and name of the course (SSW 301: Case Management). All writing should be in size 12, Times New Roman font, including the rest of the assignment.           /5
  2. Choose a case study (somewhere on the internet) or make up your own. If you are choosing a case study from the internet, make sure that you do not have the same one as your classmates.  Each person should have a different case study, otherwise this will result in poor/no marks.  Use that case study to:
  • Define the problem and identify solutions.
  • Identify resources, information, and people needed to support your solution
  • Present your advocacy message
  • Assess the outcome and identify “next steps” /25
  1. Make sure to follow the 4 steps to client advocacy planning above, in detail, as outlined in class.
  2. Use the Sample Advocacy Planning Guide to do your rough work and to keep organized. Make sure that it is handed in with the final copy of the assignment, as both will be marked.



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