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Develop a Portfolio That Analyses Media and Online Materials Related To Descriptions of Race

Develop a portfolio that analyses media and online materials related to descriptions of race, ethnicity and cultural diversity. You are specifically required to critically analyse the discourse represented in the articles and/or images. You can use multiple forms of media such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook as well as traditional media (newspapers, magazines) and television (programming or advertisements). You can use up to 8-12 media/online articles as your sample. You are still expected to support your arguments in broader literature and include up to 6-10 articles which are peer-reviewed (e.g. journal articles, books, chapters, policy documents, reports).


The analysis should include the following (please note: this is a guide only do not use this structure to organise your paras):

  1. Brief background to the chosen topic
  2. The clear statement of what you will analyse and how will you analyse it.
  3. A critical analysis of the meanings both explicit and implicit in the media and/or online materials.
  4. Word limit: 1300 words (+/- 10%)

The rationale of the task: A portfolio tests high order thinking, a capacity to examine, analyse and uncover hidden/overt meanings in text/video/visual images. It tests your capacity to unpack how language is used in multi-media formats. It also tests your skills to evaluate the information and develop a sophisticated argument that is well structured and well-argued and supported by the literature. The skills you acquire are capacity for high order thinking, ability to critically analyse complex social theories and constructions, develop research skills, deep understanding of critically reflective skills and the intersection of personal and professional values for improved cross-cultural social work practice.

List of resources to use:-



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