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Establish and Maintain Effective and Compliant Participation Arrangements for Managing WHS


WHS stands for Work Health and Safety. It aims to protect and maintain the safer health status of the employees under a specific institution. WHS covers standards, codes of practices, and regulations to support the WHS at a workplace. Every industry has its standards and codes of practices under the law.

  1. Same answer in Part C  1-10
  2. Before commencement at work, employers have the responsibility to submit the candidate employees in a lecture to gain their skills in knowledge of WHS. Presenting them to a speech will equip them to overcome any risk encounter at the workplace as well as expected compliance with guidelines.Before commencement at work, employers have the responsibility to submit the candidate employees in a lecture to gain their skills in knowledge of WHS. Presenting them to a speech will equip them to overcome any risk encounter at the workplace as well as expected compliance with guidelines.
  3. Risk ManagementReports of hazard and risk from the employees and stakeholders may contribute to identifying hazards.This can be done by filling up a hazard/ risk report, incident report, faulty equipment and alike. The Person allocated to this task will check the area.  Presence of WHS committee profoundly recognizes this process.

A.    IDENTIFICATION OF HAZARD-This includes physical work environment, equipment, materials and substance use, manual handling, and design, management, and noise hazards.

B.   RISK ASSESSMENT- This is the evaluation of the hazard in able to identify its extent and to anticipate appropriate action

Assessment includes:

  • Severity
  • Effectivity of current risk control
  • Appropriate control measures
  • Urgency of action
  • Mandatory to follow the WHS Regulations to perform risk assessments and consultant needed for confined spaces, and live electrical works.

C.   Risk Control- Choosing the most effective and appropriate options to eliminate or manage the hazards/ risk in the area

This can be a combination or single method depend on the situation.

Hierarchy of Risk control

From the simplest to complex method of managing the risk/ hazard

  1. Use of PPE / Administrative advice like reduction of exposure.
  2. Engineering Control
  3. Isolation of workers to the hazards
  4. Substitution
  5. Elimination of hazards

D   Evaluation of the resolution thru worker feedbacks, patrolling the area affected, auditing casualties and negative reports.



  • Locate organizational commitment in the Noticeboard of a meeting room, workplace area and via memo.
  • In able to adapt the WHS involved them in WHS committee and some activities in the identification of risk.
  • To adopt WHS allocation of a task and positive participation in the committee.
  • Conducting a weekly meeting, email the staff, memo, signage or adds in the company area, invite a Government WHS Officer.
Position Roles and Responsibilities WHS Responsibility
Employer Head of the Company/ Administrator Head Investigator of Hazard and Risk and resolution.
Operations Manager Checking the Production area and Staff Assigned to communicate with external stakeholders and consultant


Participate in Risk Identification and Resolution


Monitors Compliance of WHSHR ManagerScreening and hiring applicants

Responsible in developing skills and knowledge upgradesResponsible for lecture and arranging the lecture dates and screen candidate employees

Responsible to prepare the meeting room

Participate in Risk Resolution

Monitors Compliance of WHSMarketing ManagerMonitoring daily sales and looking for target clientsResponsible in gathering all the documents needed in the meeting

Participate in Risk Resolution

Monitors Compliance of WHS

Employee 1Worker in Operation AreaParticipate in Risk Identification and Resolution

Dissemination of information after resolution

Employee 2Sales personParticipate in Risk Identification and Resolution

Gathering all the materials for resolution


  1. Position and Role and Responsibilities in WHS
  1. Involvement of Human Resource and Finance Department
Department WHS Responsibilities

Human Resource Department

·         The involvement includes preparing employees to induction of WHS before work commencement.

·         Selection of employees who are candidate for upgrades in WHS knowledge and skills.

·         Monitoring of WHS compliance of the employees

·         Coordinating with the external stakeholders/ Consultants to provide a lecture for the employees

·         Coordinate and consult Government Officers in regards to WHS standards and regulations.

·         Prepare materials for weekly WHS Committee meeting.

·         Monitor injured employee’s compensation


Finance Department


·         Evaluation of proposed plan for resolution of the hazard and risk before dispensing budget.

·         Calculate the expenses in setting up the risk and hazard resolution.

·         Contact external stakeholders (Banks, financial institution etc.) in accessing budget.

·         Monitor the budget while the project is ongoing.

·         Determine the cost of materials needed as well as the budget allocation on each employees.


  1. Set up a consultation
Participants Consultant Consulting Requirement
Employee Operations Manager Not following WHS guidelines
Human Resources Manager

WHS Government Trainor

Consult about the manuals and lecture materials for upcoming training.

Conduct a training plan and implementationEmployer/ Administrative HeadWHSConsult about the changes and updates in regards with Laws and regulations of the states

All employeeEmployer/ Administrative Head

Investigation of hazard identification at the workplaceAll employeeWHS CommitteeResolution and mitigation of hazards.


  1. How to record and communicate outcomes of consultation over WHS issues and how quickly to provide information about the outcomes of participation and consultation to work for teams

In resolution process, mostly it will take time to resolve it. This could lead to ceasing the productivity of the area. The resolution outcome must be regularly advised the involved personnel immediately. The Notification can be advised thru noticeboards outside and inside the workplace, office area. Written communication is possible, but it may take a few days.  Verbal briefings by company meeting and phone calls. Emails are also included.

Communicate to the employees how the resolution works thru feedback forms. Inventory of casualty and faulty machines will reflect the outcome of the resolution. In case the hazard is not resolved inappropriate time the consultation of Work and Safety Officer under the Government is needed to attend the workplace.

  1. The process for identifying hazards across the organization including the stages of hazard identification and procedures used to ensure new proposed changes do not create any new hazards.

2 methods of identification of hazards

Systematic Identification includes Safety audits, incident and accident investigations, casualty records, workplace inspections, health and environment monitoring, and consultations.

Incidental identification includes complaints, and anecdotal, observation.

WHS Organization Chart- A systematic approach to resolving a hazard/ risk with a commitment of the WHS Committee for better resolution.

  • Hazard Identification- What are the risk in the area that are potentially may cause harm or may increase the casualty in the area these are both things and situations.
  • Assessment of Risks- Anticipation of the aggravation of the risk if not controlled.
  • Control of Risks- prevention and safety resolutions of the risk and hazards
  • Review Control measures- Auditing about the outcome of the safety measure in overcoming the hazards and risk.
  1. Risk Matrix of Coffee Ville- Gas Chamber leakage


  Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Catastrophic Project
Certain H H E E E
Likely M H H E E
Moderate L M H E E Likelihood
Unlikely L L M H E
Rare L L M H H


Assessment: Gas leakage is an extreme consequences and certain. It’s inevitable unless resolved. AS it may cause fire and burn the whole area.

  1. The procedures for maintaining an effective work health and safety management system

a.   Required resources for the implementation of ongoing hazard identification

  • MSDS labels – Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Equipment manuals
  • Government WHS websites
  • Consultants or WHS Government Officers
  • State WHS Law and Regulations
  • Code of Practice Manuals
  • Company Map
  • Inspecting the area- presence of fire extinguishers

b.   Example of resolution

After fixing the gas chamber, the area is not accessible for three days can clear up any gas leakage. Additional two fire extinguisher and fire blankets added in the kitchen area. Proper storage of chemicals especially the flammable ones. Fire Drill for the staff is necessary before the operations come back.

c.   Enabling implementation of new measures

  • Inspection of the area before start operating the equipment
  • Avoidance of usage of flammable products in the kitchen area
  • Ensuring proper care of the equipment and turn it off after usage
  • Instructions in case of fire including 000
  • Use of fire extinguishers and fire blanket.
  1. What expert WHS advice to be used
  • Government WHS Official to attend the workplace to check positive outcome and approval when to start the operation of the Coffee Ville.
  • Gas Pipeline experts to guide them on how to take care of the equipment.
  • Health Consultant to assess the health of the employees and the effect of gas in the body. Inform them on how to perform First Aid.
  1. The requirements for strict compliance with WHS legislative framework to meet legal requirements

WHS is to help the employees and stakeholders of healthy body while at work to achieve productivity in the workplace. Also to avoid injuries and accidents that may complicate business operations. To lessen penalties, compliance to Law is significant.

  • Organize a WHS Committee
  • Provide an Evacuation Plan of the area
  • Compliance Code in First Aid
  • Compliance code of Workplace amenities and work environment

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