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Get Assignment Answers on Authentic Leadership and Eudaemonic Well-Being

Authentic Leadership and Eudaemonic Well-Being Understanding Leader-Follower Outcomes

Words: 3000


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Introduction to Authentic Leadership and Eudemonic Well-Being

In my opinion, leadership is all about how one can lead, while having a set style, traits, and even workings. To have the leadership within an organization, it is necessary to have an authentic style and even working with the wellbeing. The positive organizational has to build a relationship, that could work in line with the positive organizational and to also have enhanced human well-being that could be distinguished and it can be working with the traditional organizational studies which could identify the true representation. The leadership is all about the positive features that could relate with the human functioning, and to hold positive emotions, to have the self-confidence and with the common workings with the hope, and goal-fulfillment for the well-being (Barsade 2014).

Cortical Reflection of Authentic Leadership and Eudemonic Well-Being

 In my opinion, the leadership can be about the related influences that can be released. It is accomplished in the four ways, which are the First, to attain an ontological definition and to describe over the authentic leadership, and to achieve the sort of leadership goals for the human well-being: which are the hedonism and eudemonia (Brunetto 2020). Second, to develop an a-multi model component that could be achieved with the seer of authenticity. It is important to create self-awareness, unbiased processing and to ensure, that there can be an authentic behavior/acting that could relate with an orientation. Third, to discuss and be with the antecedents (leader characteristics) that could define with the authentic leadership having set outcomes, leaders, and followers that authentic leadership can be described with the antecedents and outcomes. Fourth, would be working concerning the can authentic leadership theory to attain the authentic leaders.

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Gardner (2005) has described how the leadership can have the related influential that could bring in the authenticity along with the authentic leadership on the leader and with the set followers that could judge the eudemonic well-being. Arménio Rego (2012), there can be would work with the employees that can result in the psychological capital, and it is also working with the supervisors’ authentic leadership. It is important to check over the employees’ creativity. Within the article, the author has also described the authentic leadership that can support the employees’ creativity, and also work with the direction that can bring in the mediating role of employees and for the further psychological capital. To formulate the authentic leadership, that can foster a good healthy relationship and with the face of competitive challenges, that could identify the business opportunities that could improve the organizational effectiveness.

William L. Gardner (2005) has mentioned, that there can be a better future leadership needs and it is important to attain a model that could set with the authentic leader to hold and work for the follower development to develop a relationship it the veritable and with the sustainable follower performance. Yvonne Brunetto (2020) has helped to understand the personal along with the organizational support that can work in line with the innovative behavior. The same has been examined with the leading choice of role and with the influential leadership.

The article has included the SLB theory and in my option, it is important to have an innovative approach to streamline things for a better organization identity. Joana (2013) is also helpful to understand the effective international human resource management (IHRM) that could work for the leaders that can check over the followers, and attain an inherent distance. It can be observed, within the relationship and with the quality of the relationship. Barsade (2014) has noted the companionate leader’s love and the other feeling that can build strong cultural influences and the same can be observed, in the employees working in similar settings. The importance of cultural influences can work for the better-advocated pans and have a long-term care setting.

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In my opinion, for the leader, it is necessary to have the follower to understand the self-awareness along with the self-regulation that can be analyzed (Ilies 2005). It is important to have a lead influence over the ideologies of the leadership that could attain the followership, in line with the reciprocal relationship that could be achieved with the inclusive, having the ethical, caring relationship with the strength-based organizational climate. It is important to have positive outcomes and in my opinion, to have the followers and the leaders role for better directions. The differences of the global leaders can be worked to streamline with better adequacy and to have better transparency of the diverse followers and teams the story 2013). As per the experience, it is defined with the quality of the relationship that could work for the over leaders having transparency.

To use the measures and the workings with the observers, employees, and it is necessary to have a supportive emotional culture that could result in a positive relationship with the emotional exhaustion. I agree, that there should be an employees’ trait positive affectivity (trait PA)—to hold on the emotional engagement that can work in the environment (Gardner 2005).

Conclusion on Authentic Leadership and Eudemonic Well-Being

It is concluded, that leadership is the trait of the leader that can be defined with the set of outcomes and to make the employee follow the set patterns and structure. To have the leadership in the organization, it is important to have an authentic style and to work with the factors like wellbeing. The positive organization has to develop with the fair traits of justice, unbiasedness, and transparency that could develop good bonding and the relationship. It is all about how to have the set traits with the true representation. So this, holds true, for the better organization goals and transparency, would be based on the leadership that could help to lead, while having a set style that could prove to be influential.



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