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Hospitality and Tourism Management Case Study Assignment Questions

Hospitality and Tourism Management Case Study Assignment Answers


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Question 1 

Management is a process whereby people in leading positions utilize human and other resources as efficiently as possible in order to provide certain goods and services with the aim of fulfilling particular needs and achieving stated goal of a business”. Discuss this statement.




ABC hotel has its shares listed on Ghana stock exchange. ABC made a lot of profit until its gains started to decrease in 2000 and they lost so much in 2002. The hospitality facility has five branches in the Northern region of Ghana. In the year 2005 they were not making profits again but rather losing, therefore, the board of directors of the facility then decided to engage Osuman Danladi as the new chief executive officer and gave him their full support to do everything necessary to revive the facility to be how it used to be in making profit.

Osuman saw the opportunity to change some of ABC’s goals, for example, from growth to that of an acceptable return on capital. He therefore decided to reduce the cost by closing two of the facilities in the north (the Team Park and the Casino). Within the same time, he redeployed some of the non-essential staff and developed feasible plans with the help of ideas from the managers of the three remaining facilities (a hotel, a Tour agency and a restaurant). All that he did had a budget, and key performance areas were identified for every manager. Through meetings and discussions with the various managers the new plans were set in operation. Special attention was given to each employee’s work environment.

Through regular meetings, an incentive wage scheme and regular reports on cost, production, sales and profits, the productivity of ABC improved substantially. To ease top management’s burden so that it could concentrate on strategic planning. Osuman referred certain duties and responsibility to middle and first-line management. During discussions he pointed out which methods could harmonize activities and express his gratitude and appreciation for the employee’s co-operation and outstanding performance. By 2008 ABC was already showing good profit and had improve its financial position.



Related Osuman Danladi’s activities-

    • the basic management functions
    • the additional management functions.
  1. Discuss whether Mr Osuman is an effective manager or efficient manager? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Which basic management principles did Mr. Osuman use? Why and how.


Q 3 CASE STUDY No 2: The New Executive Chef/Front Office Manager

Ahmed Abukari is very pleased with his promotion to executive Chef/Front Office Manager. He thinks back over his career since he began working in management as a young graduate 20 years ago.

During his first few months as an assistant to the Executive Chef some of the middle managers told him not to worry too much about the theory of management he learnt in school, because they said, things worked differently in practice. Ahmed, however, did not let them influence him and applied the theory exactly as he was taught.

After some few years he was promoted to a higher level. In this position he worked hard to improve the system and got some activities functioning effectively.

A few months after Ahmed had completed his Master’s degree in management, he was promoted to head of planning and organization. He inspired the personnel of his department to continually do their best and later reorganized the department through a combination of team effort and his insight into the business as a whole. The planning department started meeting on regular bases and implemented a suggestion system which improved the functioning of the business as a whole. These achievements did not go unnoticed by top management and as a result Ahmed was promoted to Executive Chef/Front office Manager.



  1. What management skills did Ahmed need on the various management levels? Explain.
  2. Describe how Ahmed had to allocate his time on the different management levels.
  1. Which of the ten interrelated management roles did Ahmed fulfil most often? Discuss the roles.


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