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Terms and definitions

Below is a list of terms which are relevant to this unit.  Please provide responses in your own words, to fully demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of each term.  You will need to undertake your own research (online, dictionary, relevant books), in addition to reviewing your learning content.

You should aim to present responses which average 75 words each (to provide sufficient evidence of your understanding).  A minimum of 50 words is required.

Your responses must be provided as if you were explaining the term to a person who has never heard of it before.  Each submission should:

  1. i) Average 15 words for each sentence
  2. ii) Be grammatically correct
  3. iii)     Error free, and
  1. iv) Be presented in simple English.

A good tip here is to read all of your text aloud, to check for accuracy and good presentation.  Another tip is to ask another person to proof-read your work, where possible.

Now, please:

(i)      Provide a comprehensive definition of each term. In the first column, state WHAT the term means in the context of a workplace.

(ii)     Provide a detailed explanation of the term.  Your explanation in the second column must identify WHO, WHEN and WHERE this term would be applied in the context of a workplace.

(iii)    Provide your own simple example of a situation where the term could be applied within the workplace in the blank row presented.

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  1. Fully describe how work relationships and the cultural and social environment can support or hinder achieving planned outcomes. Please provide at least three examples to support your description.
  1. Fully explain techniques for developing positive work relationships and building trust and confidence in a team considering interpersonal styles, communication, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, and networking.
  1. Explain the impact of legislation and organisational policies on workplace relationships.
  1. Describe and explaina range of methods and techniques for communicating information and ideas to a range of stakeholders.
  1. Discuss problems solving methods.

Discuss methods to resolve workplace conflict.

Discuss methods to manage poor work performance.  


Case study

Please read through the following case study.  Reflect on your learning and your own research within this unit.

Prepare a response that responds to each of the issues presented below.  Your responses must reflect your knowledge, skills, and application for this unit.

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Case Study – Scenario Fit and Fab is a well-established CBD Gym.  It currently employs;•       A manager (employed eight years)

•       Two assistant managers (both new)

•       Two Reception staff (employed two months and two years)

•       Four full-time personal trainers,

•       Two Casual Personal Trainers

It also has eight independent personal trainers on their books.

You have been employed to lead the team and improve the workplace relationships.

Important information you need to know about Fit and Fab:

Mission: To be the leader in positive gym experience for all who join.

Purpose: It’s not what or how we do it; it’s inspiring ourselves and our members to be the best version of who they are.

Values: Integrity: be honest.  Compassion: support and respect every individual.  Teamwork: together we will reach goals.  Reliability: keeping our promises.

Strategic objective: To achieve 100 new members in 18 months.


1.      The Reception Team and PT team do not get on well.  They have a breakdown in communication.

2.      One of the assistant managers is regularly late and is often “missing in action” whereby team members can’t find them when they need them.

Employee Demographics: Average age: 25-55.  Mix of males and females.  Two from non-English speaking background.

You will need to complete the following two activities:

Activity A

You determine that the team would do well from some networking.  To do this, you decide to research networking within the industry and then call a team meeting where you will:

1.      Communicate information about networking.  You will need to attach examples of how you will communicate your information

2.      As a group, develop some networking objectives.

3.      Describe how you will role model trust, integrity, and empathy to ensure that the team supports the networking activities.

Activity B:

Describe how you will performance manage the Assistant Manager.

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Quality outcomes

Ensure the following for your submission:

  1. i) It is grammatically correct.
  2. ii) It is error-free.
  3. iii)     It is written in simple English.
  1. iv) Itcomprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence.
  2. v) There are separate paragraphs for each new content/topic or discussions. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.

Attach any models, tools, or resources that could be used in an organisation to improve the case study situationspresented.

Tip: Read all text aloud in order to identify any gaps and correct them.  Ask another person to proofread your work in order to check for accuracy before you submit.

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A minimum of 1,000 words is required (attachments are not to be included in word count).

Writing strategies and actions for future improvements A case study is designed for you to demonstrate your skills in reading, accurately interpreting and providing workable responses and strategies.Check that your responses provide:

1.      Identification and clarification of the key issues.  Discuss and provide some suggestions as to what has caused these.

2.      Key facts and information that is relevant and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions.

3.      Templates and resources that could assist managers in the future when managing their teams.

4.      Recommendations, both short term and long term, to improve the current situation.

Also ensure the appropriate use of headings and formats so as to reflect a professional presentation.

Please CHAT WITH LIVE Assignment Advisor to know more about Referencing styles and Citations.


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