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Literature Review Assessment Questions and Answers

Literature Review Assignment Questions

Looking for Literature Review Assessment Questions and Answers? Get Case Study Answers on Literature Review Assignment. We Provide Literature Review Assignment HelpDissertation Literature Review Assignment Help & My Assignments Help from Masters and PhD Expert at affordable price? Acquire HD Quality research work with 100% Plagiarism free content.



No. of Words: 2000

Assignment QUESTIONS:

  1. Critically explore how far the ideas of evolving best practice, leadership and partnership could help address the three challenges identified from previous assignment:


The three sustainability ideas from previous assignment:

Organisational re-structure (DesJardins& McCall, 2014) is important to establish the succession plan with transparent and clear strategy plan, considering the business sustainability. Idea is to appoint new COO (Meijaard&Sheil, 2019), strong moral values and business sustainability knowledge, who can develop synergy with current CEO and board, and action on business sustainability planning. It is important to involve all junior manager and employees in decision-making process to provide them with prevalence in company and comfort (Kolk, 2016).

As company values as shaken and loosing gravity among employees, it is advisable to introduce employees experience group. The aim of the group is to establish the current morale, understanding and acceptance of company values and develop strategy strengthen them. Employees need to feels safe, heard and able to challenge when identified wrong action or decision is made. Organisation should invest in developing strong business ethic.

Another recommendation is to maintain all security level and confidentiality measures in organisation to hold a firm place in market. It is necessary to maintain ethical compatibility in governmental and societal aspects. In addition, there should be involvement of responsibilities to create a comfortable workforce with maintenance of conflict situations.


You must answer this part of the assessment by using the three challenges you identified in part 1 (above copied)

– You will need to create three tables / matrixes in which you show how selected, specific concepts from each of the three sessions could help you address each of your challenges

– Ensure you answer the question ‘how far’ and the limitations of how these ideas may help you

(600 words) with tables/matrixes – please read all three challenges/ideas and link them with evolving best practice, leadership and partnership.  Provide literature review on these three topics.


2.   Critically analyse your experiential learning from the module


You will need to: – prepare literature review from the list of literature provide in the document – for me to answer below two points:

– Draw on the ideas of the Kolb learning cycle to critically analyse your own experiential learning gained within the module

– You should include reflection on how your own values and sensemaking of E R S have been affected by your study

–  Choose 4-5 specific learning triggers from the module to discuss how and why these engaged you.

(800 words, with abstract (100 rods), introduction (100 words)– analysis (draw from 2-3 authors) definition for ethic, responsibility and responsibility, Kolb learning cycle, experiental learning’. Present learning triggers. (600 words)

I will add later my own reflection and expand on learning triggers. I need you to complete the literature review and submit so I can anker my thoughts into reference.



To be prepared on master’s level

Literature:the below literature to be used

Literature to be used (at least 90% from the below list):


Literature A

Literature B

Literature C

Literature D

Literature E

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