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MGT101A Managing in a Global Environment Case Study Help

Assessment Brief:

Students are required to critically analyse the provided management case study by answering the case study questions. Careful analysis and application of management principles is expected.

The focus of the analysis is the application of the content studied in Weeks 1 to 8.  The prescribed readings and powerpoint slides should be consulted as a the primary source. Further research will be expected.

Case Study Assignment Help (3)

  The Analysis should:

  1. Critically analyse the case.
  1. Clearly identify and justify the management principles applied to the case.
  1. Critically evaluate the questions posed to the case.
  1. Answer the questions in Question and Answer format.
  1. Be submitted electronically in Word format, 12pt. and 1.5 line spacing.
  1. Be fully referenced according to the Think: Education Standard (see Academic Skills section of the Learning Portal).
  1. Clearly identify student name and number on the answer page.

Marking Criteria: Case Study Analysis

  • Responses accurately and clearly communicate answers to the case study questions
  • Theory used is accurately explained and applied to support answers
  • Theory is supported with appropriate references that are cited correctly both in-text and in the reference list.

Note: the case study is graded using the following rubricThe Case: Semco Partners Brazil

Read the article:  ” Managing without Managers” by Ricardo Semler, HBR Sept – Oct 1989

After reading the article you will need to conduct further research into the company Semco Partners and its owner Ricardo Semler in order to answer the following questions.

Important note:  Please be sure to search for Semco Partners, the Brazilian-based company.

Order NowCase Questions:

  1. What type of business was Semco partners in 1989, and what type of business has Semco Partners become today?
  1. Describe the type of organisational structure present within Semco Partners
  1. To what degree does Semco Partners ‘formalise’ its structure?
  1. How does Semco Partners deal with the concepts of responsibility and authority?
  1. Could Semco Partner’s structure be replicated into other businesses?  Justify your response with reference to theory and use of examples/scenarios.
  1. Describe Ricardo Semler’s leadership style.

Please CHAT WITH LIVE Assignment Advisor to know more about Referencing styles and Citations.


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