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MGT101A Managing in a Global Environment Case Study Help

Assessment Brief:

This assessment consists of three parts:

PART 1 (Word count: 600; Marks 30)

Students are required to research and analyse a contemporary Australian business leader of their choice. The focus of the analysis should be the application of the content of Week 8 (Leadership for Sustainability), however wider application is recommended. The leader should be thoroughly researched and the analysis should be fully referenced .

Management Case Study Assignment Help (2)

PART 2 (Word count: 600: Marks 30)

Students are required to read the Case Study on Sandstrom Products below and answer the questions following. Use a question-and-answer format. The focus of theory application should be on weeks 9 and 10.


  1. If you were the CEO of Sandstrom Products, how would you motivate employees like Leo Henkelman to give their all to the company? What theories of motivation underlie your suggestions? Explain your answer.
  2. Is high motivation possible in this kind of routine manufacturing operation? Justify your answer.
  1. What do you think will be the impact on the company if your recommendations given in Question 1 are implemented?
  2. If you were given the task of communicating the changes you are suggesting in question 1 to the staff, how would you go about it? (Go carefully through the content of Week 10 [Communication In Organisations] and try to apply as much as possible of the theory to your answer).


PART 3 (Word count: 600; Marks 40)

Each student is required to discuss and analyse a team they have been a part of or been able to observe in their own environment. This could be a work team, sporting team or student task group. Apply the theories of group behavior, conflict resolution, change management and cultural diversity. Use a question-and-answer format.

  1. Describe the type of team
  2. Describe the Team characteristics
  3. Describe the Team norms
  4. Describe the Level of team cohesiveness present
  5. Which of the team members played task-specialist roles and who socio-emotional roles? Reflect on the behaviors of each role.
  6. Describe the conflict and conflict-resolution techniques used
  7. Suppose you are appointed as the new leader of this and are tasked with developing an improved work roster which would improve performance. How can you use your understanding of the stages of team development to improve your team’s effectiveness?

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