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Nursing care management Assignment help

Essay should be formatted with an introduction, discussion and conclusion. · Acknowledgement of sources and correct referencing as per “Pocket Guide to APA style” (Perrin, 2015) is essential. Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing. · Essay must be based upon current literature and research (references no more than 8-10 years old). Current journal articles, best practice guidelines, and current textbooks must be the main source of references, not only internet sources. Any internet sources used must be from reputable websites. · A minimum of 20 appropriate resources should be used as much possible Australian reference.

The assignment should discuss a holistic nursing care plan for the patient. This should include:

 Clear introduction of the topic explaining what will be covered in the essay (2.5% of


 Evidence-based discussion and analysis of the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations

and treatment (including pharmacological therapy) of the patient in the case study (35% of


 Brief overview of the nursing process and discussion of its relevance (5% of marks)

 Relevant application of the nursing process to propose a holistic nursing care plan that

displays critical thinking skills (40%)

 Analysis and discussion of nursing management is based on appropriate scholarly and

evidence based literature (15% of marks)

 Conclusion that summaries the main points covered in the assignment (2.5% of marks)

CASE STUDIES – Choose ONE of the following case studies below for your assignment. As the nurse looking after Mr Adam White (case study 1) or Mrs Lucy Chen (case study 2), you are required to discuss relevant nursing care management in a 1800 word essay. Your assignment should contain at least three relevant nursing diagnoses as part of the nursing care plan. Case Study 1: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Mr Adam White is a 19 year-old male who has been admitted to hospital after a hypoglycemic episode in a tutorial class at university. During the previous evening he had been out for a social drink with friends after playing rugby. In the class his friends noticed he was irritable, pale and sweating. Shortly afterwards, he speech became slurred and then he lost consciousness.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to the emergency department of the local hospital. His blood glucose level (BGL) when taken initially by the paramedics was 2.1 mmol/L. Following initial treatment and admission to emergency care his BGL increased to 4.5 mmol/L. Past medical history: diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus at the age of 14. No other medical conditions. Since moving out of home has been suffering more frequent mild hypoglycemic attacks. Current medications: Lantus 12 units S.C. nocte & Novorapid S.C. tds pre-meal, dose tit rated according to BGL. Social and spiritual history: Studying a business degree and recently moved out of home. Now living near the university in a flat with two friends. Joined a rugby club and plays a couple of times a week. Grew up a Anglican, but no longer attending church. It is now day 1 after admission to the ward for stabilization of his blood sugar levels and appropriate education on how to manage his diabetes, including future complications. Discuss his current nursing care plan, including discharge planning and education needs.


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