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Operations Management Writing Help

Operations Management 

Operations Management

Module Aims:

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to Operations Management as practised in organisations. It provides an overview of key aspects of operations management from both manufacturing and service sectors’ perspective within modern organisations. The module considers operations strategy in the broadest  sense.  The broad aims of the module are:

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing the module, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate the nature, scope and extent of manufacturing and service operations strategy;
  • Critically evaluate the use of quality tools and techniques for a wide range of organisational problems;
  • Solve complex operational problems related to managing capacity and constraints within organisations;
  • Demonstrate the application of strategies, tools and techniques to improve business operations and appraise and select appropriate methods for managing supply bases for a variety of

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 The aims of this course are to :

  1. To gain an understanding of the role and scope of the operations function in business organizations; to recognize the interdependence between operations and other major functional areas of business; and to appreciate the implications of operational decisions on overall enterprise
  1. To develop an awareness of the major strategic and tactical problems associated with the design,

operation, and control of goods and services producing systems (a.k.a. “Operating Systems”) and to provide exposure to the managerial decisions and activities necessary for their resolution.

  1. To develop competency with basic problem solving and decision-making tools using typical operations management
  • To develop and introduce and develop a critical understanding operations management for modern organisations in a variety of sectors of activity;
  • To consider operations strategy in its broadest sense and relate this to  the internal management and organisation of the production of goods and services within organisations in different sectors of the economy;
  • To examine how to organise resources and operations, and how to improve them using a variety of quality tools and techniques  and  process  improvement activities;
  • To consider the organisation in its wider context; examining how inputs on the supply side can be managed and improved, and on the demand side how customers, and customer satisfaction can be
  • Module assessment:

    As an Operations Management Consultant, XYZ has hired you to help determine how it can improve its operations management (improving forecasting accuracy, minimizing waste, developing supplier relations, etc) by using its current resources in a cost effective manner. Furthermore, you should provide both short-term solutions to their problems and long-term ones specially that the market is growing and XYZ want to increase its market share in the local market as well as expanding internationally (in Africa) in the upcoming years.

    You are required to undertake an individual research project and to  prepare  a  Management Report (6000 ± 10% words) based on the case study provided below.

    The key aspects that need to be covered within the report are:

    • Critically evaluate the key Operations Management issues faced by You must critically discuss each of these issues showing clearly why it is actually a problem, how you see an opportunity for improving XYZ operations in that issue, and preferably you can also provide evidence from literature that these issues are common in similar business contexts and how improvements are usually attainable.
    • For each issue identified, critically discuss the most appropriate topics, techniques, methods, models and tools available that you would have possibly identified within the lectures and textbooks recommended in the first lecture (you can even use other operations management topics in these books that you might find relevant). You must clearly show why you selected any of these topics in the first place and in light of the case study, provide a detailed justification for the techniques, methods … that you’ve chosen.
    • Based on  what  you  presented  in  the  previous  points,  you  are  required  to  critically

    evaluate and analyse different alternatives pertinent to each issue identified. I expect you to use both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, show any  improvement  that  you might achieve, use appropriate illustrations, charts, and tables.

    • Reflect your findings in the light of how XYZ are currently handling their operations and

    in light of their expected increase in market share.

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