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Report writing task: Goodnight Hotels Hotel Acquisition

Topic – Need a report writing for language lesson
Type- Report Writing
weight – 800 words

Goodnight Hotels is an international hotel chain with more than 2,000 hotels, which specializes in hotels for business travelers. It aims to offer comfort and good service for business customers at reasonable prices. As corporate customers do not normally stay over weekends, a key priority is to increase occupancy rates by filling the hotels at weekends too. The hotel chain is always looking for creative ways to do this, such as offering special weekend packages or with themed events.

 The chain wants to expand into Spain by buying some existing hotels. As the Head of the Acquisitions Department, you have been asked by the CEO to find some financially viable properties in the area of Santiago de Compostella in Galicia in northern Spain and to report back with your recommendations as to which hotel or hotels the chain should buy, if any. You have been given an approximate budget of €2.5 million but more may be available for investment if the property looks promising.

 You have found three potential hotels. Based on the raw data you have gathered below, write a report for your CEO with your recommendations to enable him to make a final decision. Make it clear what your recommendations are based on. Bear in mind, the hotel should be profitable both during the week and at weekends if possible.

(Source: Real estate agent, Chamber of Commerce and onsite inspections) Name Hotel Cuidad Hotel Comercio Hotel del Campo
Location City centre Business park 25km from city
Rooms 25 20 32
Facilities Restaurant, air-conditioning Bar, sauna, gym, air-conditioning Bar, restaurant, pool
Occupancy rate 74% 63% 51%
Annual profit 133000 200000 220000
Investment needed for rooms 50000 300000 600000
Problems No car park, no bar, noisy No restaurant Bad public transport, no air conditioning
Price €2 million €2.2 million €3.1 million
Comments Big new car park is planned next to the hotel Large new hotel with restaurant is being built 200 metres from Comercio Near site of future new airport


Grading criteria:


 relevant to purpose of report and intended reader

 clear layout with relevant headings

 logical flow of paragraphs and sentences (Use topic sentences and linking words where appropriate to aid understanding)


 relevant to purpose of report and intended reader

 important findings highlighted without including too much detail (refer reader to appendices for detail)

 logical conclusions and realistic recommendations clearly based on findings


 neutral-formal register

 clear and concise (KISSed) writing style

 objective, impersonal style (although obviously your conclusions and recommendations are your thoughts, the objectivity comes from linking these ideas clearly to the findings)



 correct grammar, syntax, spelling

 correct use of language (vocabulary, collocations, linking words, etc.)

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