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SBS/ABS – MSC/MBA-HM (Management Care Process) Assignment Questions and Answers

MBA Management Care Process Assignment Solutions 2021


No. of Words: 3000


Are you looking for Management Care Process on SBS/ABS – MSC/MBA-HM Assignment Questions and Answers? Provides Answers on Management Case Study assignments, HRM assignments and SBS/ABS – MBA/MSC Operations Management and Other Academic Subjects in Australia, UK, the USA, UAE and other countries.




Answer all the questions. (Word Limit- 3000-3500)

Question 1

Technology has brought about a massive and welcome change to the healthcare industry. Patients now have access to some of the best diagnostic tools, remote consultations, intuitive mobile applications, new and cutting-edge treatments, resulting in less pain and quicker healing.

a).  Identify some of the challenges that can be faced by healthcare

b).  Explain the impact of technology on the healthcare system performance and customer satisfaction (Staff, users & patients)? The response should include at minimum examples on different types of technologies such as the use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Contact Centers, CRM, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, social media, risks of sharing information, cost of implementation, quality of services, response time, and many more. (25 Marks)


Question 2

Any organization’s success depends on proper planning, execution and continuous evaluations using different tools. One such tool is the Stakeholders analysis where in it provides information about the best strategy to take when dealing with stakeholder parties. Stakeholders’ role in any planning process is essential to ensure successful adoption of evidence in healthcare. Stakeholders provide critical components to any project including skills, resources, knowledge, and financial support. Moreover, they have direct influence on the opinion of the public for any projected change.

a).  Identify the role of stakeholders in the healthcare planning process and their direct impact on the project’s implementation.

b).  Describe the best strategy to deal with stakeholders using the Power-Interest Grid (Mendelow’s Matrix). (15 Marks)


Question 3

Planning is a critical stage in any healthcare system in the world and it is well-known that planning will introduce changes and will create opponents and proponents to any plan.

a).  Identify the core questions of planning and provide examples to each one of them.

b).  What are the outcomes of the following stages in the Planning Spiral Process?

  1. Situational Analysis Stage
  2. Priority-Setting Stage
  3. Option Appraisal Stage

c).  How can the planners mitigate the opposition to the proposed plan to ensure successful implementation? (25 Marks)


Question 4

A successful healthcare system is expected to deliver multiple functions including policy- setting, regulations, healthcare services and financing support. These types of functions require special health promotion programs, field researches, balance between demand and supply for health market labor to avoid market failure. Moreover, healthcare planning is a unique process by its nature which needs an extensive financial support. (25 Marks)

a).  List the reasons which makes planning unique in healthcare sector.

b).  Define the health promotion model (HPM) and identify its three levels

c).  Provide five examples for health promotion programs in the UAE Market

d).  Community-based participatory research is a form of an Action Research

  1. Define this type of research
  2. Identify eight possible stakeholders in this type of research
  3. What are the main challenges for this type of research?
  4. What type of commitment is needed in this type of research



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