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Lesson 5# Case Studies Chapter 10 Week 5


International American University

MGT 500 Organizational Behaviors and Leadership

Situational Leadership and Constructive Discipline Case Study


Sally is a performing employee and her performance is above average as compared to others in the organization. Despite the fact that the sudden changes in her behavior in the workplace has led to poor performance over the last few days, it cannot be concluded that her performance is low. According to the case study, it I clear that Sally performance is still above average and the best employer with reference to performance delivery and provision of client’s requirements (Ayman & Korabik, 2010). This paper will denote the her current performance, the style of conversation that can be used to approach her because of her current performance, and the follow up actions of activities that has to be implemented in order to foster change.

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Case Analysis or Review

Analysis of Finding

There are so many reasons that can make an individual to change the performance he or she had before. As of the case study, it is evident that Sally has a change in behavior hence the reason why he has opted to change her performance. It is also ideal to note that the change in behavior is attributed to the current status that the organization is going through (Ayman & Korabik, 2010). Lack of proper supervision can be finalized to be the reasons for her delays in the workplace. Besides, it is also clear that lack of proper management and poor communication as well as weaknesses in the situational analysis of as well as poor leadership. The best of the ability in the case study is that there is no way that Sally could have changed her behavior such sudden (Yukl & Mahsud, 2010). It is also ideal to consider that there are various forms of leadership that is considered unfavorable for Sally hence the changes in behavior that led to the poor performance indicated.

Points on her Current Performance

There are various points that needs to be considered as a source of poor performance of Sally. First she has not been able to keep the required arrival time in the workplace. This is one of the reasons that has contributed to her poor performance (Norris & Vecchio, 2012). The other reason for her poor performance is not being able to get to meeting also in the right time, she is always late. Lastly, she is not only able to complete her tasks but also not able to keep with the required customer services needed (Norris & Vecchio, 2012). The case study shows that over the past few weeks some of the clients have complained of mismanagement by Sally. All of these have also been witnessed by some of the staff such as Mark; the head of the accounting department.

Difference from Her Usual Performance

As compared to before, she has not been coming to work late; this is a clear indication that she was change not only her attitude but also her behavior that has ultimately led to poor performance. Secondly, in the past sally has never had issues with quality of work as well as communication with the clients (Yukl & Mahsud, 2010). However, in the recent past the above has been a problem with her. Lastly, her changes in behavior has been evident from the difference she has shown coming to meetings late. This as compared to her usual performance it is below the needed level or expected levels.

Style of Conversation

It is recommended that direct and personal style of conversation be used in the case of Sally. It is not easy to approach such an important employee that the organization depends on. Direct style of conversation will give a chance that the manager will be able to explain the reasons for the conversation as well as seek the causes of the sudden change in behavior and performance. Besides, it will give me a chance to be able to determine the nature of the situation to her as well as to the organization (Yukl & Mahsud, 2010). It should be considered that the organization is not ready to let Sally go without such conversation because the cause of her behavior and change in performance could be attributed to organization situational problems hence it’s important to get her sides of the story directly.

Secondly, the conversation should be as personal as possible. It has not reached to a level that the situation should be sent to other people, because it can just be managed between us (Norris & Vecchio, 2012). The ability to get the best of her is the most vital part of the story, personal conversation is the best way to handle the situation to avoid other issues such as indifference in situational analysis.

Analysis of the Style

The best way that one can determine that the above two styles are working is twofold. One, if she is able to take part in the conversation one will know that she is responding to the style hence ultimate solution to her problems will eventually be met (Norris & Vecchio, 2012). On the other hand, it is important to note that evaluation of her performance after the conversation will be a way that one can determine the style was working.

Follow up activities

I will undertake a performance appraisal in order to determine if the style use worked and if she has changed her behavior and performance in the workplace. The reason for using the above is that it reduces close contact with Sally thereby giving her chance to reform.

Summary and Conclusion

It can be concluded that Sally is an average performer and that it could be due to organization situational difference or personal problems that led to her sudden change in workplace behavior and poor performance. However, direct and personal style of conversation that incorporate face to face conversation is the best solution for the problem. In order to ensure that she is able to meet the needs and standards of the organization performance appraisal has to be undertaken in order to ensure that she is back to her normalcy. Lastly, situational analysis and team leadership is key in solving such problems in the future.


Ayman, R., & Korabik, K. (2010). Leadership: Why gender and culture matter. American             Psychologist, 65(3), 157.

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Yukl, G., & Mahsud, R. (2010). Why flexible and adaptive leadership is essential. Consulting       Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 62(2), 81.



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