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Volunteer Resource Management Assignment Help

Volunteer Resource Management
Tutor-Marked Assignment
January 2015 Presentation
This tutor -marked assignment is worth 40 % of the final mark for
GSP183: Volunteer Resource Management
Submit your solution document in the form of a single MS Word file on or before the cut -off date shown above
Additional instructions:
You will need to indicate clearly on the front page your name, student ID, course title and assignment number
You must document all information that you use from another source, or you will be penalized severely. If you copy from
the work of another student, regardless of the course or programme, you will be severely penalized . You are not permitted
to re – use material from past assignments whether in part or in full. All of the above actions can result in your failing the TMA.


TMA01 tests your ability to:
Explain the role of volunteerism in society in relation to social capital and civic engagement
 Define volunteer management and the elements involved in creating a volunteer management system
Discuss the strategic roles volunteers and volunteer managers play in an organisation
Identify the implications of volunteerism trends and effect of technology on the development of volunteerism
Apply volunteer resource management framework to case studies in volunteer resources situations
Background information Situated in Woodlands, Community Care for the Aged (CCA) is a non-profit charitable
organisation that was set up in the late 1980s as a residential home with a total of 100 beds,offering residential care for the aged sick and destitute.
CCA provides mainly shelter for the aged sick, especially those who are weak, poor and alone, unable to take care of their own daily needs. The services in the home cater only for basic daily needs . They do not cater for acute cases and those who require more specialized medical services and facilities. In early 2014, the home had a change in management and became a part of a network of agencies with the following mission and vision:
“To engage seniors and promote active aging to empower lives and strengthen communities”
“To be a leader in eldercare service, optimizing the opportunities in longevity by leading transformations and implementing innovation in community -based eldercare”
The programmes and initiatives offered by the other agencies in this network are focused on seniors in the wider community, enabling the outreach to seniors to increase under the management of this network of agencies.
The programmes offered by the other agencies within the network include:
1) Training and education programmes for seniors by Golden Age Training Institute
2) Community
engagement activities for seniors by Golden Age Community Outreach Centre
3) Research and advocacy to influence practices and policies by Knowledge Building Centre
Golden Age Training Institute offers training and lifelong learning to seniors in the community, while Golden Age Community Outreach Centre provides them with opportunities to volunteer and serve the community with their newly
-attained skills and knowledge, talent and experience. Programmes for the seniors to serve include mentoring
youths, counselling and coaching seniors and youths, as well as training in social media.
Through research, dialogues and eldercare – related conferences, Knowledge Building Centre seeks to initiate mindset and systemic change and provide information about innovative community – based eldercare practices.
Current situation
The volunteer resource management approach in CCA compared to that of the other three agencies under this network is vastly different. Volunteer engagement in CCA is almost non – existent. There is no volunteer manager and staff are expected to manage volunteers on top of being overloaded with numerous other duties which the management considers much more
critical to get done. In fact, staff are against the idea of engaging volunteers as they find volunteers unreliable and bothersome, a hindrance to their daily work.
Golden Age Training Institute and Knowledge Building Centre engage mainly skilled volunteers, while the seniors in Golden Age Community Outreach Centre are volunteers themselves, actively engaged with the community, promoting positive aging.
Under the new management, although the CCA staff remain motivated in their core duties to serve the aged sick and destitute in the home, they are nonetheless sceptical about engaging volunteers. The new management in CCA and network of agencies are highly in favour of volunteer engagement, community outreach, and are extremely open to collaboration and
partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.
Following a grant from the government under the Alternative Manpower Optimisation Initiative which promotes the systematic absorption of volunteers into Voluntary Welfare Organisations to augment professional positions and manpower shortage within the sector, you are employe d as a volunteer manager in CCA. Your task is to develop volunteer engagement in CCA, and to coordinate and consolidate the overall volunteer resource management for the four agencies.
Describe your proposed volunteer resource management strategy/strategies, management option(s) and implementation plan(s) to operationalise volunteer engagement within the home. (50 marks)
Elaborate on the possible synergies and collaboration among the four agencies and any other external stakeholders for volunteer resource management. (25marks)
In relation to your volunteer management plan(s), give additional and appropriate ideas and suggestions based on findings obtained from local volunteerism surveys and implications of current volunteerism and technology trends where
appropriate. (25marks
Guidance Notes For Students
1. In describing your strategy/strategies for volunteer resource management, you will need to spell out how your approach is able to meet the management’s direction to engage the community and promote collaboration.
2. You should demonstrate your understanding of the various management options for volunteer resource management
in an organisation, as well as your awareness of the various volunteer management elements in preparing your
implementation plan (s) with sound reasoning and explanation.
3. You should support and validate your ideas and suggestions with findings from the various volunteerism surveys and trends, as well as the use of technological tools.
4. Please write using 800– 1,300 words.
5. You must use proper referencing and citation formats where applicable

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