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Assessment Format
 Your submission should be presented in a professional and logical format
 Examples or extracts of supporting data may be included in the body of your assessment or as an appendix, with suitable explanation
 You are not expected to include whole documents or reports from your organisation as evidence – samples or extracts will suffice. Please ensure you have permission to include organisational information
 Your submission should not exceed 5MB. Please compress your files before submitting if your submission is greater than 5MB. If experiencing difficulties please copy on a CD and post to above address

The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model
You may achieve a Statement of Attainment if you choose to undertake assessment for this program. The assessment is designed to help you gather evidence of your competence in relation to the competency. Evidence may take a variety of forms and must be:
 authentic (your own work)
 valid (related to the competency)
 reliable (show that you meet the competency in numerous opportunities over time)
 current (show that your competence is current)

Purpose of this assessment
This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to facilitate all aspects of teamwork within the organisation. It involves taking a leadership role in the development of team plans, leading and facilitating teamwork and actively engaging with the management of the organisation.
This assessment is designed to assess your knowledge and skills of the following:
 Establish team performance plan
 Develop and facilitate team cohesion
 Facilitate teamwork
 Liaise with stakeholders
Based on this assessment a judgement can be made whether you have achieved the required competency level, or if further review of this unit is necessary.
Requirements for this assessment

After the program participants have six weeks to complete the:
1. Participant Background Information
2. Assessment Tasks
3. Third Party Comments
The AIM VT VET Student Handbook can be located at along with the AIM VT Participant Reference Guide for your assistance.

Assessment Task 

Meet with your team and work through the following process:
1. Complete the team effectiveness audit attached (make copies for your team members before completing it yourself).
2. Meet with your team and ask them to complete the document.
 This part of the process can be planned and implemented in whichever way you choose. If it is possible for you to hold an extended team meeting and invite people to score the tool
 If this is not possible then ask team members to complete the document and return it to you to complete the analysis work
3. Outline the processes you have used to involve your team in goal-setting and planning. Focus specifically on where you have used collaborative processes such as democratic voting and achieving consensus. Outline at least two examples that have occurred over the assessment period. These examples must include how you established role clarity and clear expected outcomes (KPIs), e.g.

Specific and measurable objectives for improving team performance
 Clear performance indicators or success indicators and how you will measure them
 Clear delegated roles and accountabilities for delivering against the plan and how you as team leader will support people in these roles
 A clear monitoring and review strategy
4. List some of the key management groups (i.e. stakeholders) that interact with your team and describe what defines the nature of the interaction. In particular, focus on where you as a manager consult with these parties on raising, clarifying and/or resolving team issues and concerns, especially those that impact on productivity and the achievement of operational goals and KPIs.
5. Provide an example of where you have resolved an intra-team issue raised by outside stakeholders. What was the issue and how did you resolve it?
6. Provide one recent example of delivering complex and/or difficult feedback to a team member. What was the situation and nature of the feedback? How did you go about providing the feedback and what was the response/result?
7. Provide a real or simulated example of how you would resolve conflicts and/or work performance problems within your team.
8. Provide an example from your workplace of a successful application of the 4 Cs in operational leadership
9. Provide a range of techniques that can be used to build work teams, strengthen communications in the team and resolve any issue.
10. Describe the methods of engaging with stakeholders at your workplace.

Documents to submit for assessment
1. A summary of your individual assessment and team assessment of the team’s performance.
2. Minutes/notes from a team meeting where you explored work issues and identified the key areas for action.
3. Minutes/notes from team meetings where you agreed to actions and developed delegated accountabilities.
4. A copy of your team development action plan, including your use of feedback to encourage the team.
5. Notes and outcomes from a meeting with your manager about team effectiveness.
6. A copy of the processes your team has for handling issues and problems raised by team members or other stakeholders.
7. Endorsements of you as a positive role model.
As you are completing this assessment for a Diploma level qualification you will be expected to complete this activity for the team that you lead. In your analysis and planning you will be expected to demonstrate an ability to apply effective team development process both to support the team to deliver its objectives and also influence the relationships that the team has internally and externally to the organisation.

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