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Continuous Improvement Assessment

Submitting your Assessment
 You are required to submit your assessment by the due date
 Your assessment is due six weeks after the last day of your course
 Complete the Assessment Cover Sheet on the following page to confirm your details, declare authorship and permission to use information
 The Assessment Cover Sheet must always be included as the first page of your assessment. This should be scanned and included as the cover of your submission
 Assessments submitted without a cover sheet will not be accepted
 Assessments must include the completed Participant Background Information and Third Party Comment forms

Assessment Format
 Your submission should be presented in a professional and logical format
 Examples or extracts of supporting data may be included in the body of your assessment or as an appendix, with suitable explanation
 You are not expected to include whole documents or reports from your organisation as evidence – samples or extracts will suffice. Please ensure you have permission to include organisational information
 Your submission should not exceed 5MB. Please compress your files before submitting if your submission is greater than 5MB. If experiencing difficulties please copy on a CD and post to above address

The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model
You may achieve a Statement of Attainment if you choose to undertake assessment for this program. The assessment is designed to help you gather evidence of your competence in relation to the competency. Evidence may take a variety of forms and must be:
 authentic (your own work)
 valid (related to the competency)
 reliable (show that you meet the competency in numerous opportunities over time)
 current (show that your competence is current)
Purpose of this assessment

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required by managers, supervisors and team leaders to plan, monitor, lead and manage the organisation’s continuous improvement system and processes to meet organisation’s objectives.
This assessment is designed to assess your knowledge and skills of the following:
 Development and use of a range of strategies and approaches that improve work outcomes or organisational functioning
 Monitor performance and customer service
 Taking active steps to implement, monitor and adjust plans, processes and procedures to improve performance
 Supporting others to implement the continuous improvement system and processes
Based on this assessment a judgement can be made whether you have achieved the required competency level, or if further review of this unit is necessary.

Requirements for this assessment
After the program participants have six weeks to complete the:
1. Participant Background Information
2. Assessment Tasks
3. Third Party Comments
The AIM VT VET Student Handbook can be located at along with the AIM VT Participant Reference Guide for your assistance.

Underpinning Knowledge Questions

Instructions to participant In your own words complete and submit your answers to the following questions. Ensure all parts in each question are answered, cover the theory and demonstrate the application of the theory through examples. Please note Diploma level assessment standards requires approximately ½ page per question 1. How would you describe your typical customers and what do they need from your team/organisation in terms of products and services? In regards to these products and services, what specific requirements do your customers have – e.g. delivery, quality, support services etc? Please refer to the “Products and Services” factors outlined in your workbook. 2. Describe tasks and processes in place at your workplace to ensure that your team deliver on the customer’s expectations of products or services? 3. Of these nominated processes and work tasks, which could you/do you and your team regularly reflect upon, challenge and continuously improve? In each case nominate how you could influence processes and work tasks whilst referring to the “People/Work Methods” factors outlined in your workbook. 4. How does your organisation currently conduct continuous improvement? Provide two examples. 5. How does your organisation ensure that proposed changes in product/services and process improvements meet sustainability requirements?

Work-based Project: RACE in action

Instructions to participant You are required to use the RACE process for continuous improvement with the support, cooperation and involvement of your work team. In reality, it may not always be possible to use the complete process over the assessment period. For this reason we have provided means whereby you can respond to the Change and Evaluation stages of RACE with a theoretical, rather than practical response. However, the first two stages – Research and Action are to be responded to with real life, on-the-job activity. Stage 1 of RACE: Research In consultation with your team, determine at least 1 key work process to research with an aim to improve it based on what your research uncovers. Activities:  You must meet with your team to decide upon what processes/work tasks you will monitor and research to determine what improvements can be made. The processes/work tasks you select must directly relate to benefitting the customer in some way  You must conduct research on how you and your team currently carry out your nominated work tasks for a period of no less than 2 weeks  You must display your data in at least one of the methods outlined in your workbook Focus:  Team involvement & participation  Accuracy or research and data presentation Outputs to be submitted:  Agenda and Minutes from at least one team meeting where the above activity was discussed and agreed upon involving your team  Research data  Photocopies of all Research section workbook activities that display icon A one-page report that outlines:  The process/work tasks you chose to research and why  What specific functions you researched and why  Your research protocols (benchmark, bet practice)  How you involved and communicated with your team.

Stage 2 of RACE: Action You must meet with your team at least once to brainstorm, plan and potentially decide upon some improvement activities for the processes/work tasks you have researched. Activities:  You must meet with your team after your research period to review your research and use this to brainstorm potential improvements. Please consider the workbook information on a supportive meeting agenda and meeting environment  You must use at least one of the three brainstorming techniques outlined in your workbook Focus:  Openness, inclusion, review and creativity Outputs to be submitted:  Meeting minutes and agenda  All brainstorming/problem solving materials (real or copied) generated in your meeting(s)  A brief overview of the agreed upon resolutions  A brief report on what you did to (a) create an open, consultative meeting environment and (b) involve and motivate your team  Photocopies of all Action section workbook activities that display icon

Stages 3 and 4 of RACE: Change/Evaluation REAL CHANGE/EVALUATION: If you and your team have resolved to implement some changes to your processes/work tasks, please do so and complete all the following activities accordingly. SIMULATED CHANGE/EVALUATION: If you met and resolved to leave things as they are, or to implement changes outside the assessment period for this module, please respond to the following case study and produce assessment outputs: Your team have determined to make your worksite safer by proposing to conduct weekly safety hazard inspections of all work areas, as well as bi-monthly evacuation drills. This is in response to a recent spate of workplace injuries due in the main to hazards being left around that have caused team member injuries. Your proposal involves conducting team member training sessions, as well as first aid training for a minimum number of team members. At the moment, no-one is first aid trained. There were such team members but all have left after last year’s round of redundancies. Activities:  Format a proposal for nominated stakeholders (e.g. senior people outside the direct team) to either inform or request support for your proposed changes. Please use the proposal format as outlined in your workbook, or one of your organisation’s approved versions.  Provide an outline of your proposed Change and Evaluation processes. These must detail the following: – What you and your team will be doing to implement and evaluate your proposed workplace changes. Please include a timeline with milestones, as well as key evaluation methods – Which team members required training, coaching or mentoring – either to implement change or as part of the change process you are proposing

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