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Assignment Writing Guide for College and University Students: Tips for Beginners

Assignment Writing Guide

The importance of assignment writing is huge in colleges and universities students. A good assignment can rise up your CGPA while a poorly written one can do the opposite. If you follow a definite method of writing the assignment, you can get better grades and scores. Follow this step-by-step guide to assignment writing to help you to manage your time and produce a better assignment.

assignment writing guide

For Whom Is This Guide?

This guide s meant for the students who want to impress their assignment assessors. You may be any management , engineering or science student. Whatever stream you may belong to, at any undergraduate, postgraduate or even doctoral level, we are always here to help you with your assignments.

How to Use the Guide?

Each section of this guide relates to a specific aspect of the assignment writing. In order you gain a deeper knowledge of the subject, you need to read it in full. After finishing reading, you will find yourself in a better equipped in handling the assignments on any topic.

All the academicians follow certain rules and norms while writing the assignments, theses or essays. Here we will summarize some of the main principles of assignment writing.

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What Is An Academic Assignment?

Get the assignment help, essay help, admission essay help, statement of purpose, thesis help, dissertation help, term paper help, etc. Colleges and universities in USA, UK and Australia use different terms for different types of academic assignment writing.

Each of these terms refers to any one particular genre of the academic writing for any specific purpose with definite end results keeping in mind. If you know what you are writing very well, will not only help you in writing more effectively but writing in a better way.

The universities in the USA ask for something they call as SOP or “statement of purpose” where you can narrate your reason you want to study in any specific university. This type of writing is different from the type of assignment you are writing for your college or university while pursuing ay academic degree course at any level of education.

Therefore, any assignment is a generic term to mean anything that is “assigned” to the student during the course of study. This word I also synonymously used for the term papers, essays or the end of semester papers that you write for earning the credit points in your course.

Some of the universities might ask to submit the assignment even when you are auditing any course that is any course which is carrying no credit points for the final CGPA of the student.

Finally, it would help if you always remembered that an assignment is not any dissertation or thesis which is a larger piece of work that is done on the basis of the original research by the student with a consultation with the teacher. This s usually submits at the end of your course, unlike an assignment.

Why Are You Given The Assignment To Write?

The assignment is actually a task that is given or assigned by the teacher. The idea behind assigning any task is to test your ability in grasping what the teacher or professor has taught. A teacher usually assigns the assignment task.

It is given to test the ability of the student in grasping what the teacher has taught. The teacher can also ask to write a general summary of whatever has been taught in class or review of any book or any reading material. They can also assign you with topics on which you need to do thorough research and link the argument with the discussion points.

How to Choose Your Assignment Topic?

If you are assigned on any given topic, then you always need to stick to the topic very closely. In case if some leverage is given, then you need to choose your own topic. If you choose interesting and unusual topics, it might impress the teacher, but you need to ensure that your topics relate to the subject taught in the class.

Here you can also take the help of your graduate assistants or seniors. You can also find some very reputed online assignment help service providers who can aid you in this regard.

How to Organize Your Subject Matter?

It would help if you handled the chosen topic for your assignment. In this case, you need to do thorough research first. Go through you paper notes very thoroughly and keep in info the most import points. You can also take down digital or sticky notes that are available on your computer.

Then, you need to compare these notes with the given assignment topic and figure out whether they are matching or not. If you know the main points, then you have almost won half the battle. Further that, you can simply elaborate reach of these points and do the research.

Following is an example:

Suppose, you are writing about the marketing mix assignment of any particular company; then, you need to break up the assignment topic into the fooling sub-topics:

  • The marketing mix concept
  • The 4 Ps of the marketing mix- product, price, place, promotion
  • The 4 Ps of marketing mix on the company on which you are assigned with the subject topic
  • Elaborate each of the 4 Ps

If your teacher has already covered the mentioned sub-topics in the class, you can research on sub-themes and compare the findings with your teacher. Then, you can simply elaborate on each of them in the written assignment.

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What Structure Is To Be Followed?

Different subjects have different methodologies. However, certain points are common in all subjects. An essay of 5 paragraphs is a classic format you can floe it if you wish, but it is not a rule. A well-written essay needs to contain an introduction or exposition where you can state your own research questions and methodology.

This is to be followed by the essay body with the final conclusion. Here you also need to explain details and elaborate on the given subject topic with suitable examples. These examples need to be very much true and relevant to the current scenario of the given subject topic.

An exposition, main body and conclusion can work for all types of subjects, but certain subjects might also require a few additional points. Ex: science courses that have laboratory experiments need to start with a hypothesis that is followed by the experiment details with the final inference.

While writing a marketing case study assignment paper, you need to stick to the following structure:

  • Clearly state the overview of your argument
  • Follow it by the research methodology or the way you will conduct the research work
  • Then, write a context description with the main narrative of your case study
  • Finally, it would help if you summarized all your findings with recommendations

Basic Tips for Structuring an Assignment

It would help if you treated your essay or assignment as a 3 act drama. In the first part, you can introduce your reader to the basic subject matter of your assignment paper. In the second part, you write about the main research topic of the given assignment. Finally, you need to state all your research findings.

Here it would help if you always kept in mind all the disciplinary requirements to be mentioned. Certain subjects can also call for specialized structures. Ex. The science students, while writing the experiments mostly follow a 3 structure format for the hypothesis along with the experiment details and inference.

Similarly, a marketing case study needs to have a brief history of the given company followed by any situational analysis, future recommendations and environmental planning.

Introduction: This is the most important part of your assignment. It would help if you always wrote a very convincing introduction to draw the attention of the reader. There are 2 main ways to write your introduction to a deductive style and inductive style.

  1. The deductive style: It is a specific writing style the researcher moves from the general to a specific through a process of deduction. It’s a “top-down” approach in which the researcher starts with a general introduction and then moves to the specific problem.
  2. Inductive style: In the inductive writing style, the researcher moves from specific to general writing manner. I t is a “bottom-up” approach where the specific points add up to the general conclusion.

In the deductive writing style, you need to mal a general observation. In the inductive writing style, you need to start with a specific piece of information and use it to support your statement for making a general observation. Then use it to dedicate the whole scenario.

In the inductive style, you need to start with any specific piece of information and use it for supporting the statement for making a general observation. Inductive and the deductive style can also be followed while writing the assignment introduction. A mix of these 2 can also to be followed sometimes.

  1. State all the research findings in the main assignment body: This is very important from a disciplinary point of view since the purpose of assignment giving is to observe whether you have understood all the things that have been taught in your class and whether you have the ability to apply it to any specific research problem.

You are needed to demonstrate your command over any specific areas on which you are writing the assignment.

  • Try to stick at your point
  • Be more analytical than descriptive
  • Do not write anything irrelevant to the introduction.

How to Write an Assignment?

While writing your assignment, you always need to follow a certain writing style and strategy. You need to follow a simple writing style that is free from complicated sentences and jargons that might overwhelm your subject matter.

Explain each and every term of your assignment to your audiences. But your linguistic style should not be much casual since you are writing for academic audiences. It is very much essential to write in a very polite tone.

A simple writing style needs to be complemented with a forceful argument. It would help if you considered both sides of the argument to arrive at a possible solution. A thesis confronts any antithesis that leads to synthesis. A good assignment essay is also like that.

First, you need to state an argument and write a counter-argument to reach the best solution. It would help if you always tried inputting value to both sides of the argument before reaching a conclusion.

Always remember that your conclusions need to be your own intervention and not flat statements. Your originality in writing is always appreciated.

Moreover, your teachers need to know what the experts have to say regarding the topic. They are interested to know what is in your mind. Always divide your assignment essay into too many paragraphs. This will make your essay look more impressive, nice and optimized.

If you add too much information in a single paragraph can make your writing more haphazard. This can have an effect on your scores.

How to Do Proper Research Work for Your Assignment Topic?

A vital part of your assignment topic is to do thorough research paper writing work. After selecting the topic and do the sub-themes, you need to highlight and prepare a list of journals, books, articles and online resources that you need.

Previously, the students used to run from one library to another for getting help. But in this fast-changing scenario, the physical libraries are replaced with the virtual ones. Now, the research papers are published online instead of the library shelves.

Thus, in order to do a proper online library research work, you simply need to log in the concerned website and search the research paper you are looking for by using the very fast and easy online options.

Many reputed online websites store different types of research articles and papers that can be accessed by the students in the line of a very small amount of money. Some websites even provide these articles free of cost.

Suppose you avail the academic assignment writing service from the experts of In that case, we can aid you the best in writing the top-quality college and university assignments, research papers so that you can get the top grades.


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