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Essay Writing Guide for College and University Students

Essay Assignment Writing in college or university education levels is not a matter of joke. Sometimes, students lose their nerves while writing their essays on various topics. In this article, we will discuss some easy tips to write good essays without sleepless nights.

This guide consists of 9 techniques that will make your essay writing process faster and easier. 

essay writing guide

9 Easy Steps to Write a Good Essay

How to Write an Essay in 9 Easy Steps? Looking help with your Essay Paper Writing Guide and writing assistance from our team of essay experts . We provide essay writing service for students in Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, NZ, Canada and UAE. Get a complete writing solution with essay paper with properly formatted and university guideline.

1 Time Management

The lengths of your essay writing assignment might vary from 500 to 3000 words. The Australian universities mostly ask for writing not less than 2000 to 300 words long essays. Thus, you always need to start your work at least 3 weeks before the assignment submission date.

Always ensure that you spend about fifty per cent of the time in researching, planning and analyzing the essay. Then another 25% in drafting the essay and rest 25% in revising, editing and proofreading service, APA referencing and etc.

If you want to spend overall 30 hours completing 2000 words essay, you need to prefix it. Thus, you need to spend 15 hours to analyze the topic, searching for enough research material and reading them. In this way, you need to work 7.5 hours working on the first draft and another 7.5 hours in revising, proofreading and editing the work. In this way, you can manage your time while writing your essay. Time managements one of the most important milestones in writing your essay assignments.

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2 Choosing the Topic

You needed to stay very calm while choosing your essay topic. After managing the research time and writing the essay, the next step is choosing a good essay topic.

Then, you can look at the question lists that are given by the lecturers. You need to consider the following is this case:

  • The subject that interests you the most: This can prevent you from dozing off while writing your essay. Always select the topic that you love to explore.
  • The available resources: You need to do the preliminary research before writing the essay. Thus, you will easily understand where enough sources are available.
  • A new topic: If it is a new topic for you, then you need to broaden your ideas about the new subject. Check for the essay assignment topic examples for your university. Go through the examples to take inspiration from them. Also, talk to your professors in choosing the right topic.
  • Analyze the given question: Sometimes, students misunderstand the given question and end up writing only a little of what has been asked.

3 Analyze the Question

To know how to write a essay writing paper, case study assignment, research paper writing and dissertation writing. A Complete step by step writing guide for students: Formulate an Essay Question, Topic Selection and Writing Style and format citation etc.

Sometimes, students misunderstand the given question and write only part of the answer only. But your college and university assessors expect you to write a very well-structured essay on the given topic. You always need to analyze the given question to write a well-structured essay. You need to look for 3 kinds of words on your topic:

  1. Process or directive words: these are the words that tell you what is needed to write in the essay. Examples of directive or process words are given below:
  • Account for: This provides a justified explanation of how and why in the given case.
  • Summarize: it gives a short but very clear description of the key points.
  • Analyze: identify the possible problems, weaknesses or downfalls that are related to the topic
  • Describe: recount, relate and characterize systematically

4 Brainstorming

Here, you need to address the given topic and note down the preliminary ideas and thoughts. Thus, you can become aware of the details that are needed to locate during the reading and the research stages. It is the step that lets you explore your ideas in an open and uncritical way.

Include the following in this section:

  • Questions that are needed to know the essay context
  • Ideas triggered by the question
  • Evidence supporting your argument
  • Possible lines of the argument, research and thoughts

Brainstorming gives you the beginning of your essay writing plan. This serves as your preliminary guideline essay writing. You can focus on your research work by raising specific questions to answer your case study assignment essay. More you know about the topic more your ideas will explore.

5 Planning

Planning is always necessary for your essay writing work. This can be applied to your university essay writing guide. After you brainstorm, start to develop a good plan for the essay.

Proper planning will help you in formulating the central argument or the essay assignment idea. This will help you in generating the sub-argument also. In this way, you can also stay on track as you start to research and write the essay.

If you have limited knowledge about the topic or you have done have any such arguments to include in the essay. In that case, it can be better if you can break down the topic. You can take the example below:

Discussing the legal approach to the euthanasia and criminal responsibility in the Victorian era. (An essay topic of 2000 words). You can break this topic in the following parts:

  • An introduction of 150 words
  • A discussion of 400 words
  • An evaluation of the problems with the current law and talking about the reform proposals. (600-700 words)
  • A conclusion of 150 words

You can also try to break down the topic into relevant subsections as per the example. If you can estimate the number of words for each section, you can estimate the amount of time you need to invest in each section. Here you also need to follow the essay assignment writing guide given by your university while planning the case study essay structure.

6 Researching In the Given Topic

After reading the case study essay writing guide start collecting the details that are related to your topic from different sources! Your essay quality always depends on the sours from which you gather the details. Thus, you need to be familiar with the university libraries, journal databases, search engines, newspapers, as well as other reference materials.

Consider the questions as follows before using the author's essay writing work:

  • Why the author came to this conclusion?
  • How sound the logical is this methodology?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments?
  • Is the proposition given by the author valid?

Only gathering all the information from any essay assignment writing tips is not adequate. You need to filter the gathered information so that any details added by you enhance the creditability of your essay writing paper. The author’s with contrasting viewpoints are good resources for flinging your essay with essential details.

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7 Writing the 1st Draft

This is the hardest part of your academic essay writing guide. There might be mistakes in your first draft. You need to write freely in getting the right content for your essay. The basic structure of your essay will be as per the following format:

  • The essay introduction: The introductory part is meant to focus on your essay. It provides a road map to the readers. You can write it initially then make changes later on after completing the essay. The introductory part lets your readers know the main idea of your essay. It needs to give a clear and brief overview of the arguments related to your essay topic. Here you also need to define the key terms of your essay right in the introductory part.
  • The essay body: while starting to write the essay body, keep several journals, articles, books, notes, etc. open while writing the essay body. This can ensure that each point used in your essay relates to the essay question and adds more value to your stated argument. Paragraphs are an integral part of your essay. Each of the essay paragraphs should develop a specific point that is relevant to the main subject matter o the given essay topic.

8 The Essay Conclusion

Here, you need to summarize your essay in a concise and clear manner. Try to bring together various strands of your argument and assimilate them in the concluding part of your assignment essay. Your essay conclusion needs to have the following:

  • Your research important
  • The essay conclusion importance
  • The implication of your essay conclusion
  • Limitations of your essay writing approach

Unlike the essay body, the conclusion is a wrap up of everything that you have mentioned in your essay. Here you need to include any new information. You can also check out for the examples from various articles. 

9 Proofreading and Editing

These are 2 very important tasks to be done after completing your essay writing. After writing your essay, you need to proofread it very thoroughly line by line and word to word in order to make it a hundred per cent free of any types of errors. After proofreading comes editing, Here you need to rectify the errors in the best possible way. You need to proofread your entire essay multiple times to point out all the errors present and then edit them likewise.

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