7 Strategies to Avoid Plagiarism in Dissertation without Paraphrasing

What is Plagiarism in a Dissertation?

Plagiarism is unacceptable in the world of dissertations and all other types of assignment writing. It is the act of presenting someone else’s work in your name without their consent. It can be a duplication of content ideas or a direct copy and paste of the main ideas. This can be from all published and unpublished writings in the Paper, soft copy or even electronic form.

Avoid Plagiarism in Dissertation without Paraphrasing

If you are a college or university student at any level of education, you will be given many dissertation assignments to complete at home. The grade you get in these assignments is important in your future academic and professional career. Thus, your ultimate aim is always to get the top grades in these dissertation writing papers. Therefore, you always need to avoid plagiarism in these papers; otherwise, your assessors will directly reject them.

How Can You Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation?

Writing a good dissertation is a long task with good effort. Thus, it would help if you always were careful that your dissertation paper does not get rejected due to plagiarism. Other than direct copy-paste from sources, the other reasons for plagiarism include taking the whole dissertation writing idea from any single source, using various sources to get ideas without citations, etc.

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Below are a Few Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation Paper:

  • Start early: It is a good way to avoid plagiarism by giving a good time on that work. It would help if you dedicated enough time to research to make your dissertation content free of plagiarism.
  • Do correct citations: This is one of the major things you need to do in your dissertation assignment paper. Always try to cite the sources from where you have taken the ideas. Try to write it accurately.
  • Proofread: It is a very needed thing, and it also helps you in removing plagiarism. You can always get the best rewriter for an article for proofreading work. It takes less time to scan through your entire dissertation paper to ensure that you have successfully cited all the sources you have used. You can easily apply this step to get the best results.
  • Use proper quotes: It is always wiser to use proper quotations from the sources from which you have taken the ideas. It takes little time to do this task. You will not be accused of plagiarism if you quote all your references correctly.
  • Paraphrasing: This is a type to use ideas from other sources, but still, you are given credit here. Paraphrasing works well when you reword any sentence by keeping a meaning. Here, it would help if you wrote the whole idea in your own words.
  • Adding value: Use only some of the information you get from your sources. Try to add new points to your original sources. You need to add a few of your own insights in the dissertation paper. This will help your assessors to get an idea of your subjective knowledge.
  • Using a plagiarism checker: You can get a number of good plagiarism checkers online. You can use this software tool o also do it manually to get more accurate results.
  • Reference page: Including the reference pages will also help you avoid plagiarism at the terminal part of your Paper. This will also assist you in getting all the important things.
  • Asking your professor: You can always discuss your situation with your professor or teacher regarding your dissertation assignment.
  • Using the internet as a source: The Internet is always a very good and huge source of a lot of data and information on any subject or topic. Here you can browse and get writing ideas from a large number of websites at the same time. Thus, you can refer to multiple sources in the shortest time span as compared to referring to different books.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can always write the best Theses and Dissertations Papers without plagiarism.

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Paraphrasing to Avoid Plagiarism in Dissertation

Paraphrasing is one of the most widely and popularly used techniques to avoid plagiarism. It is the process of taking the desertion topic, writing ideas from any source and then writing the whole thing in your own words, keeping the basic meaning intact.

Ex: If the original text in the source is “we always enjoy travelling abroad with huge group of friends”. You can paraphrase it “it is always a great enjoyment in travelling overseas with big friend groups.” Thus, the entire sentence is chafed without any copy-paste keeping the basic meaning intact.

Below are a few points you need to keep in mind while using paraphrasing in your dissertation paper:

  • Do not copy-paste from the original source
  • Keep the basic meaning intact
  • Paraphrase the words relevant to your subject topic
  • Do not take more than 3 consecutive words from the source
  • Your paraphrased content needs to be fully meaningful

The Best Dissertation Structure

A dissertation needs to be structured in the following way:

  • Title: It contains the title of your dissertation paper
  • Abstract: This is a short summary of the dissertation with the main sense.
  • Acknowledgements: You need to mention your writing sources here
  • Content table: This will help your readers to go through your dissertation paper properly.
  • Introduction: This is the starting part of your dissertation paper
  • Abbreviations list: Make a list of all the abbreviations you have used in your dissertation paper
  • Literature review: This will add more value to your content
  • Discussion: A thorough discussion section will enhance your writing skills
  • Methodology: Clarity n your dissertation paper is done via a good methodology section
  • Conclusion: This is the ending part of your dissertation paper with a thorough and precise approach to the whole content.
  • Reference list: giving a reference list is always necessary to avoid plagiarism
  • Findings: Here, you need to elaborate on your findings of the dissertation paper
  • Appendices: These are always very important to page mark your dissertation pages.

The structure mentioned above must be followed in any Dissertation Writing assignment.

What are the Main Types of Plagiarism?

  • Global plagiarism: it is a paganization of the entire source text
  • Paraphrasing plagiarism: it is just rephrasing the ideas
  • Verbatim plagiarism: If you copy all the words directly from the source text
  • Self-plagiarism: When you plagiarize your own word
  • Patchwork plagiarism: This is the stitching together of the different sources
  • Accidental plagiarism: This is a very rare type of plagiarism where your text, by chance, matches someone else’s original content. You can use dupe-free online software in this regard.

You can always avoid all the types of issues mentioned above plagiarism by following the best Dissertation Writing Guide.

7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Dissertation without Paraphrasing

  1. Keep track of your resources: Keep track of all the resources used in your whole dissertation assignment paper. It would be best if you did regular updating in the case of online sources.
  2. Avoid plagiarism: Do not take more than 4 consecutive words from the original text source. More accurately, take at most 3 consecutive words since this can be regarded as paraphrasing plagiarism.
  3. Cite the sources correctly: Always try to cite your resources correctly so that you will not be accused of any plagiarism by your assessors. Choose the sources relevant to your given dissertation subject and topic.
  4. Use plagiarism checker: You can also use the plagiarism checker software tool in this regard. Here, you can find a number of free as well premium online plagiarism checker websites as well as downloadable software tools. Here, it would help if you always made a wise choice.
  5. Free lecture slides: Try to use free lecture slides on a computer PowerPoint. This will help you a lot in avoiding plagiarism.
  6. Checklist: Plagiarism prevention: Always create a checklist of plagiarism prevention and maintain all the given points there. Take advantage of all points from this checklist since this can impose more plagiarism chances.
  7. Read widely and thoroughly: After checking all the plagiarism, read thoroughly your entire dissertation assignment paper multiple times. Thus, you can point out traces of even the smallest plagiarism in your whole dissertation paper. Your ultimate responsibility is to make your dissertation assignment paper flawless and free of plagiarism.


Thus, in this block, we have discussed different types of plagiarism and how to avoid them.

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