What are the Difference between Dissertation, Thesis and Essay?

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The college and university assignment tasks like dissertation, thesis and essay are needed to be written during the academic career for the students. But students often get confused on how to write each of them in a different way.

Thus, in this article blog we will discuss about the basic difference between dissertation, thesis and essay.

The thesis, dissertation and essay are the 3 types of academic papers that you need to write based on any particular subject matter or question. Your college or university will use these documents as a procedure to access your expertise in any subject area.

Before discussion about the differences, first let us talk on the definition of each type.


What Is A Dissertation?

It is a piece of written work that will help you in advancing a new point of view that results from a research. Dissertation writing assignment is usually needed for a higher degree education student.

What Is An Essay?

It is defined as a short literary work on a particular subject and mostly presents your own personal view.

What Is A Thesis?

The definition of thesis is almost the same as that of “dissertation” but it is usually much longer than a dissertation.

What Are The Major Differences Between Dissertation, A Thesis And An Essay?

  • The very first main difference between these 3 types of assignments is that the dissertation and thesis assignments are longer than the essay assignment.
  • An essay is a type of academic paper that is mostly used for exploring an argument or giving good information regarding any subject. Thus, you will always find that most of the essay questions start with which, were, what, where, how, etc. Thus, it suggests that these words want a conclusion that can be drawn by the writer, following a research study that is available.
  • Dissertation is a type f academic paper that want a writer to come up with new evidences for drawing a conclusion on any particular subject matter. This thing is already evident row the definition of “dissertation” which states “advanced fresh point of view”. This means that the writer needs to add from a research pol on any topic instead of any discussion on the available research work.
  • As already mentioned, thesis is almost the same as dissertation but it has a bigger exploration level with proper investigation. That is why a thesis is usually longer than a dissertation.

Now, let us consider two of these assignment types and state the differences.

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What Is The Difference Between Dissertation And Thesis?

  • Basic difference: The basic difference between a dissertation and thesis is that the later is a project that marks the end of the program while dissertation is written during a doctoral course. These two are different from the point of view of their purpose. A thesis is actually a compilation of your research work that proves your knowledge on your graduation program subject. While a dissertation It is an opportunity during your doctoral program for contributing new knowledge, practices or others to your field. Thus, it comes up with a very new concept to develop.
  • Structural differences: A master thesis is a sort of research paper that you are already familiar. Here, you research a topic, analyze it and then comment on the information regarding the particular subject matter you are dealing with. The purpose of writing the thesis is showing your ability for thinking critically regarding any topic and in discussing it in-depth. Thesis writing also gives you an opportunity for expanding on the subject area that is relevant to your area of specialization. This also helps you to flourish on your own subject area of specialization in your professional life. In dissertation writing, you can utilize the research work of others as a guidance for provision your own unique they, concept and hypothesis. Bulk of the information is the dissertation assignment is contributed by you.
  • Other differences: There is a difference in writing length between thesis and a dissertation. A thesis needs to be minimum 100 pages in length or even a bit more than that. But a dissertation needs to be longer since it involves a lot of background as well research information. It also includes details of your proposal and how you have arrived at your conclusion. A dissertation is usually two or even three times the length of a thesis. You can always receive all the guidance from your faculty regarding the dissertation writing work.

How Different Is Writing An Essay From Thesis And Dissertation?

It can always be said that writing an essay on any topic is much simpler than writing thesis or dissertation. Essay is shorter than both dissertation and thesis need lesser research work. Dissertation and thesis writing assignments are usually given at graduation, post-graduation and doctoral levels of education.

But essay writing assignment work can be given at any preliminary or even school level of education. An essay paper usually consists of three main parts- introduction, body and conclusion. But thesis and dissertation assignment work is to be written in a more organized manner.

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