How to Write Dissertation Writing? A Step by Step Guide & Citations

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What Is The Importance Of Dissertation?

A dissertation is a very important part of your work, and you need to do this throughout your academic life. There are many reasons why writing guide a dissertation is important. Writing a dissertation very much essential or the University for the Following Reasons:

  • It reveals your capacity and skill as a researcher
  • The dissertation assignments add to your final university assignment grades and have the ability to affect your total CGPA.
  • The dissertation helps in demonstrating whether you have certain skills and abilities
  • It helps in displaying whether you can identify your area of interest and whether you can also carry out extensive researches on your chosen topic
  • Whether you can express yourself well via your write-ups
  • Whether you possess the skill to write the whole dissertation
  • A good dissertation helps you to build your career
  • A really well-written dissertation can help you in getting a good job
  • The dissertation I a good way of tidying your knowledge and grasping the subject matter
  • The dissertation has a very important role to play in pursuing higher studies and can also determine whether you can get admission to a reputed university

Overall, a dissertation is a type of assignment that cannot be ignored if you want a very bright future, both academically and career-wise.


A Dissertation Writing Guide

Main parts of a dissertation:

Assignment sample: an academic easy responding to a university: A an HR manager it is a big task for you to recruits the right employees. Recruitment is the work in which you need to identify and attract people for filling up the positions in an organization. This is a hiring process that is delicate and involves the cost of hiring and training new employees.

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  1. Abstract: It is a short summary of the whole dissertation consists of research questions, along with the chapter the outlines the conclusion. This is the very first thing that your assessors will read while going through your dissertation. Thus, you always need to write a very impressive abstract.
  2. Research Question: This is the next important component of your dissertation after abstract. It is a very fundamental question that defines your research topic and forms the heart of the research. This par will come in the introduction in a separate section. This part is to be written well since the readers will be drawn towards the rest of your dissertation by the research question. Stronger is your research question more or will evoke curiosity.
  3. Literature Review: This is another very important part of your dissertation and gives an overview of all the existing work done by you on the given subject. It is a crucial side it serves 2 purposes. First, it lets your dissertation to know that you have a very good grip on the given subject as well the question asked on it. Secondly, it gives a whole perspective to students on the research topic and helps to replace your research with a larger study area.
  4. Chapters: These are the main pillars of your dissertation. A finely written dissertation is well divided into 5 or even more chapters. If there are less than 3 chapters, then it becomes too short. Also, more than 5 chapters take it too big. Thus, 5 chapters make the dissertation length perfect. Each chapter needs to concentrate on any particular topic that should be written in such a manner so that it makes an independent reading.
  5. Bibliography: Many of you might think that bibliography is an unnecessary imposition on the student writing long dissertations. It is a tabular list of the author names that are consulted by the student while writing the dissertations. All the direct as well as indirect sources influences are to be mentioned. But still, you need to write a full-length bibliography.

How to Choose a Good Dissertation Topic?

The first thing that you need to write in writing a dissertation is a very interesting topic. Students in graduation degree courses spend a large part of their coursework in searching for topics. Tips for choosing the best dissertation topic are as follows:

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  • Relevance: It is the key while choosing any dissertation topic. It needs to be judged in terms of the contribution that the research work is made to broaden the study field. You always need to be updated to the recent developments in your own field of study. This is very much true in different fields of study like engineering, medicine, microbiology, genetics, IT, etc.
  • Research: The research work is very important in selecting a good dissertation topic. Always have a try that your research topic should b such that wills are attracting funding. The cutting edge research work attracts more funding. Projects on HIV research, cancer, stem cell and genetics always attracts more corporate and academic funding. Your research topic should not overlap with your peers or any recently undertaken research work. These will degrade your research work. Always select your topic after consulting with your supervisor. Your supervisor is always well aware of your research field.
  • You can also attend workshops, seminars, summer books, graduate courses, internships, etc. to come up with the best research ideas. At higher levels of study, you can consult the best academician in this regard to enhance your subjective area field.
  • If you also talk to your classmates, friends and peers that can also help you in brainstorming the ideas on the research topic.
  • Do not choose any outdated, irrelevant or overworked research topic.
  • Always get approved your dissertation topic by your supervisor or committee.
  • Do not take much time or delay in selecting the right topic for your research work.

How Can You Formulate A Research Question?

The research question defines your research work. Stronger is the research question; it is better for you. It shows how to hold you have o the existing subject. And very strong grasps over the research questions. Follow the 5 tips mentioned below while formulating a research question:

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  1. A very strong research proposal needs to pass the “so what” test. This shows the importance of your research work in a larger field. The extent of its relevance in the contemporary world and how you can be benefited from this research work. For example, if you research on stem cell therapy, you need to justify your research work by suggesting how your research can find a cure for the patients.
  2. You also need to think whether your research question can find your funding. This again relates to the relevance of your research project work.
  3. Try to keep all your research questions narrow and focused.
  4. Always think of the research areas that are not touched upon instead of focusing on the areas that have been already done.
  5. Do not forget to mention the limitations and scopes of your research. Try to be more realistic and set the research goals that can be achieved easily.

What Are The Main Research Methodologies?

This process is used to collect data and information to write a dissertation is called a dissertation research methodology. The 5 best procedures are as follows:

  1. Interviews: It is a conversation between 2 people (the interviewer and the interviewee) in which the questions are asked to get information for the research purpose. It is a very popular method for getting qualitative information. It is very common in the fields of marketing, social sciences and psychology. There are different types of interviews formal and informal, close, open, etc.

In an informal interview, the talking style is conversational. In an “open-ended interview” the questions are deliberately kept open-ended and broad. The open-ended ones can be analyzed more cogently. The fixed and the closed interviews are based on the set of the pre-determined questions and answers the interviewer needs to choose any one of the answers.

  1. Historical Research: This is a mode of qualitative research that is very popular in history. There are 4 key sources for Carrying out this type of information:
  • old historical documents or archive sources that are preserved in the museums and archives
  • the secondary sources include journal articles and books
  • government reports like census data
  • literary sources like memoirs, recollections and autobiographies
  1. Survey: among the various methodologies of quantitative research, the survey is the most essential. The statistical surveys are undertaken for revealing quantitative results. Ex: census, polls, market research analysis, etc.
  2. Case study: it is a part of the qualitative research methodology where the theories are applied in the real-life case scenarios. It is a very popular methodology in the social sciences. Today, it is also used in business and law. In the subject of law, the student is given a situation that involves a legal dispute and is asked to come up with a suitable solution to the legal dispute.

A business case study involves a real, or even a fictive situation of the enterprise and the students is also asked to come up with the best business strategies which can help the company to come out with a solution.

  1. Theoretical Analysis: This method is very common for theoretical subjects like

English, philosophy, cultural studies, comparative literature, films studies, queer studies, etc. In this method, we try to apply very high philosophical theories to cinema, literature, drama, etc. to help us in questioning the assumptions on human society.

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How to Write the Dissertation Chapters?

They form the main pillars of your dissertations. They also comprise the main body of your dissertation, and you are always judged by your assessors on the basis of your dissertation chapters. You need to keep in mind the following tips while writing your dissertation chapters:

  • There needs to be a minimum of 5 chapters in your dissertation assignment paper, including an introduction and conclusion. Dissertations with less than or more than 5 chapters are usually not acceptable by the assessors.
  • You need to deal with multiple researches themed to organize your dissertation. Do not state them in only one or two chapters. Try to divide it into various small chapters, each dedicated to any particular research theme.
  • Always try to keep the chapters compact and short.
  • You’re writing style throughout the dissertation chapters simple but engaging to the readers.

Interviews, case studies, researches, historical past also play a very important role in your dissertation. Thus, in your final university or college level academic dissertation paper, you need to give a very compact overview of all the essential rules, methods, points, tips ad guidelines mentioned in the article.

Your ultimate aim is to get top grades in your academic assignment papers like dissertations from your college or university assessors. These tips and guidelines can also help you in doing so. These are all to be borne in mind while writing your dissertation.

How to Write the Citations and Bibliography?

It always needs good skills and technique in writing the citations of bibliography of your dissertation. Citations are the acknowledgements of the references that you have used while writing your entire dissertation assignment.

The bibliography is a tabular list of the author names and their books used by you in writing your academic dissertation. Both of these are essential for your research.

Citations: These are the 4 ways to cite your dissertation writing sources. These are dictated by different educational institutions. They are MLA, Harvard, APA and Chicago. The Harvard style follows in-text citations that are parenthetical in nature. Thus, the author’s name and the publication year need to come in the text within parenthesis.

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