How to Answer Case Study Questions In Strategic Management?

The case study assignment papers are very common for the business management students like MBA (Master of Business Administration), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or any other diploma course.

All types of managerial specialization especially the marketing management specialization students need to write a lot of case study assignment papers on various topics. The grades they get in these case study answer assignment papers are very much crucial for them from the future perspective. Thus, they aim to get the best grades in the case study answer assignment paper in business management courses.

How to Answer Case Study Questions In Strategic Management

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In this blog, we will discuss specific tips necessary to answer the case study questions in strategic management.

Tips to Answer Case Study Questions in Strategic Management

Strategic Management is a very important part of business management study course. It is even more critical for the business management student with the marketing major. Following are a few tips to write it ideally:

  • First, you need to identify what is your exact requirement. Also make sure that whether there is any other element for addressing your answer. At this stage, you merely need to look out for what you are asked. You need to collect the information that will be really helpful for you in referring your answer.
  • You need to create a structure for those requirements. Here you need to make a plan. It allows you to bold and underline all the headings and subheadings used by you. Copy and paste these headings with the bullet points for formatting your answer.
  • Always avoid switching in between the windows of your screen
  • You can start off your plan by breaking down your requirements into separate parts to be addressed. This will be used as sub-headings in the right answer
  • Now, you need to estimate the mark o allocate for each section.
  • You need to give an idea on what can happen on the strategic options if you agree to the proposal. This has to be explained with all the benefits and drawbacks
  • Brainstorm your initial ideas. This step includes brainstorming your initial address before you read the scenario in details. This will help you in not missing the major points.
  • Read the entire situation very carefully and add important notes to your pan. Read through the scenario by paragraph to choose whether there is any information that can be added to your answer for addressing the requirements.
  • You need to contemplate whether there are any elements from your pre-seen that are relevant to the references. This will help you in determining your commercial awareness by stating that you can understand the given business with the related industry. This will also help you in earning more marks
  • You always need to remember the key points from your pre-seen for adding more value to your answer
  • Considering the ethics while writing the strategic management case study answers. The decent part of the Business or the corporate social responsibility is an essential part of the strategic management field. You need to see whether any ethical or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to be written in depth for supporting your answer.
  • Make relevant recommendations in your responses. Here you need to make very clear as well logical recommendations and justify them.
  • Always plan the writing time for your case study assignment paper. Still, give more emphasis to the necessary and relevant point’s rate than the less important ones. You ed to plan the length of each of the answers and allocate time according to that.

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Examples of Strategic Management Topic

Cost of a company is an essential part of strategic management. Thu, the business management students are often given strategic assignment papers on cost management. Below are some tips to answer these questions:

  • First, you need to understand what costs can the profit of the company.
  • Explore where and how the value is added in the organization as raw materials that can be fixed into finished products or services.
  • You need to understand the linkage between the areas o both the company as well its competitor. The linkage between the customer requirement and quality of your product is to be considered here. Performance liability and production case needs to be boosted
  • Think radically regarding what the customers want. You need to meet all the requirements with the most reasonable and affordable prices
  • You also need to have an obvious idea of the prices with which the competitors are offering goods and services in the same market, and you need to keep on the right track in fixing the prices of your products
  • Make a very easily lead in the cost-saving process.
  • If the competitor takes an early lead on the prices from the cost-savings, respond with an equal cut in your prices even with a little loss or profit. In this way, you can hold back your pre-existing customers and stop them from shifting to your competitors.
  • Emphasize more on cost-savings rather than the sales increase or justifying the invoiced investment. This strategy generally leads to more success.
  • Investigate all the barriers or even the other market structural condition very carefully for ensuring you can achieve a planned cost-saving. This will lead to future profits of the company

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